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How to Plan a Fall Themed Rehearsal Dinner

Tips and Advice

The fall season boasts a host of enticing and inviting characteristics. From the crisp air to the seasonal aromas to the vibrant color of the leaves, it’s no wonder this time of the year is the popular choice for weddings among couples.

Just a short drive outside Austin in the Texas Hill Country, where Ma Maison’s venues are nestled, we can confidently confirm that there is no shortage of naturally stunning backdrops that provide just the setting you need for a cozy fall themed wedding rehearsal dinner.


How to Plan a Fall Themed Rehearsal Dinner

Since fall is just around the corner, there’s a good chance you’re tying up all the loose ends for your wedding. So, to help alleviate the chaos around planning your wedding rehearsal dinner, we put together a five-step plan so you can easily organize the event.And while the pandemic has undoubtedly deterred many couples’ plans this year, here at Ma Maison, we’re taking extra precautions to make sure your special day is still everything you imagined it would be. If you’d like to read more about how we’re committing to keep you and your loved ones safe at our very own Hill Country venues, you can read all about it in this blog post.


The 5 Steps on How to Plan a Fall-Themed Rehearsal Dinner

Every single bride-and-groom-to-be is unique. Your rehearsal dinner can offer a sneak peek reflection of your two distinct personalities coming together as one.


Consider a Style

At the Ma Maison grounds, for example, we offer several different venue choices that provide their own individual charm, yet still serve as a foundation for customization so that the bride and groom can decorate according to their own aesthetic preferences. The Grove is set up for intimate and sweet ceremonies, while The Green Cathedral is a little more embellished for a more luxe theme.

There’s a good chance you already have a style or dress-code for your wedding, so it can be a thoughtful touch to add elements from your wedding into your rehearsal dinner to kickstart the celebrations.

Luckily, rehearsal dinners are much more casual than the actual wedding reception and ceremony, so there’s no need to go overboard with decor. Little sprinkles of fall-themed accents, textures, and colors (more on that soon) should do the trick in creating a cohesive feel to the whole wedding weekend.


Just outside Austin in the Texas Hill Country, The Ma Maison will provide just the setting you need for a fall themed rehearsal dinner.

Rooted Trumpet Photography

Indoors or Outdoors? That is (a big) question.

If the weather is on your side, an outdoor wedding rehearsal dinner is a fantastic way to take advantage of the gorgeous backdrop mother nature offers during this time of the year. Plus, there’s something so refreshing and recharging about being enveloped in the crisp, fall air. Not to mention, there are a range of possibilities for simple decor that can add to the autumn ambiance, such as string lights or candles.

If the weather proves to be a little more unforgiving, then no problem at all. Indoor settings offer a bewitching, cozy setting for all your guests.

Since this season has a reputation for drastically varying temperatures, it’s important to be wary of the weather — but no matter what you choose, there are plenty of ways to use the space to your advantage.

Just outside Austin in the Texas Hill Country, The Ma Maison will provide just the setting you need for a fall themed rehearsal dinner.

Photo by The Bird and The Bear


Use Seasonal Accents, Textures, and Colors

Remember from earlier when we said we would explain more about accents, textures, and colors? Well, we always keep our promise!

This point ties back to the first point of considering a style, but requires some more attention to the finer details —the details that will tie your fall-themed rehearsal dinner all together into one crowd-pleasing bow.

Examples of some accents you can include on the tablescape are classic fall icons such as acorns, pine cones, mini pumpkins, vibrant foliage, or delicate seasonal blooms like chrysanthemums.

Some textures you can incorporate as decor are velvet (for a glamorous vibe), tweed (for a rustic theme), or chiffon (for a dreamy aura).

Colors should complement the fall season, so those can be jewel, sunset, or rust tones.

Just outside Austin in the Texas Hill Country, The Ma Maison will provide just the setting you need for a fall themed rehearsal dinner.

Rooted Trumpet Photography


Create a Warm Environment for Your Guests, literally

With all that the fall season can offer, one of those things is not warmth. Since this is a rehearsal dinner, you can expect some chilliness as the night goes on — and we’re not talking about a three-bean chili, unfortunately.

Consider renting heat lamps and setting out blankets for each guest. If there happens to be a fireplace around, definitely take advantage of it and light it up to warm your guests while adding to the overall fall vibes to double your wedding rehearsal dinner points.

And, if all else fails, that three-bean chili would actually make an excellent dinner option to warm up your guests.


Just outside Austin in the Texas Hill Country, The Ma Maison will provide just the setting you need for a fall themed rehearsal dinner.

Photography by Lisa Woods Photography


A Sustainable Dinner: Choose Seasonal Produce

Arguably the most superior and distinctive characteristic of fall is all the seasonal flavors associated with it. 

The key to contributing to a fall theme is to include comforting dishes and warm spices. So consider hearty soups, roasted seasonal veggies, and nostalgic recipes like pot pie. For beverages, you can serve guests hot chocolate and apple cider (spiked if a 21 and over crowd). And finally, finish the night off with some apple pie, pumpkin rolls, or apple cider donuts.


Now You’re Ready to Entertain the Night Away

With this guide in mind, you should be all ready to plan out your perfect fall themed wedding rehearsal dinner without any stress or hiccups.And if you’re still searching for the venue to say “I do” to for your dinner, the team here at Ma Maison would be honored to host you and your loved ones in Dripping Springs, Texas. We’re just a click away!


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