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Tips for Accommodating Dietary Restrictions into Your Wedding Menu

Tips and Advice


Your wedding meal will certainly be anticipated by your guests! After all, how could you not enjoy indulging in delicious cuisine?

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However, while everyone wishes that they could eat anything that they please, some people unfortunately have restrictions when it comes to food.

You will want to ensure that every guest attending your big day has a bite to eat! That’s why, here at Ma Maison, we have comprised some tips to assist you with accommodating dietary restrictions into your own wedding menu. If you are all set to take in some great advice, be sure to continue reading:

  • Provide Options. In order to guarantee that each guest attending your wedding has something to eat is by presenting them with options! Traditionally, plated meals are served at weddings. If you will be showcasing the same, you will want to consider gluten-free and vegetarian options. In addition, know that buffets are a wonderful way to highlight an array of foods, allowing your guests to pick and choose what they would like to indulge in. With options, no guest will go hungry!
  • Keep Foods Separate. The last thing you would want to experience on your big day is a guest having an allergic reaction to your food! So, it is important that you keep your menu items separate. From seafood to even as something as small as peanuts, you won’t want to encounter any cross contamination.
  • Discover Restrictions. Some guests may have restrictions when it comes to food. Or, you might get lucky and have all guests attending your big day able to eat anything you serve. A great way to go about discovering the outcome is by asking among your wedding invitations. If you are presenting a meal card as an insert, leave a space where guests can let you know if they aren’t able to eat certain foods. This way, you can plan your menu to complement their needs.

Dietary restrictions certainly are unfortunate! However, with these tips, you can plan your wedding menu with ease.

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Along with planning your menu, you will also need to book your wedding venue in Dripping Springs, Texas. Please get in touch with us here at Ma Maison to schedule your tour of our Austin wedding venue, as we would be more than pleased to host your happily ever after.


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