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Hill County Wedding Venue for Your Perfect Austin Wedding

Tips and Advice

Hill County Wedding Venue for Your Perfect Austin Wedding

Just half an hour outside Austin, you’ll find Dripping Springs bursting with Hill County wedding venues. Our city proudly serves as the wedding capital of Texas and draws countless couples each year. Tragically, COVID-19 upended all sorts of summer wedding plans and led many people to reconsider getting married in the near future at all.

Hill County Wedding Venue

Here at Ma Maison, weddings are everything to us and we know that your special day is even more important to you. That’s why we’ve taken every measure possible to make sure that we can host your wedding no matter what life throws at us. If you have questions about having a wedding during the time of COVID 19, we’re too happy to give you the answers. Come down South and you’ll find the perfect wedding venue waiting to receive you.

Wedding Venue for COVID-19

When the initial lockdown occurred, wedding venues closed down and didn’t reopen for some time. You might not know which venues are open, what they’re doing to keep guests safe, or what legal hurdles a wedding might face. Thankfully, the answers to these questions are by-and-large simple and straightforward. 

Wedding Venues Reopen

In the aftermath of the initial lockdown, Texas allowed wedding venues to reopen with a range of new limitations. These laws are dynamic and subject to change, but Ma Maison is dedicated to going above and beyond them. Some wedding venues have reported a more casual attitude, but that’s not our approach to COVID. As the laws and situation evolve, so will our approach to offering brides and grooms a safe place to enjoy their special days.

We’re uniquely situated to continue to offer amazing wedding experiences, thanks to our stunning set of outdoor locations.  Coronavirus transmission tends to be much lower outdoors than indoors, which goes a long way in preserving the appeal of our venue. In the case of inclement weather or personal preference, we’re going to great lengths to keep everyone safe.

Clean and Ready for COVID

There isn’t too much additional regulation on cleaning for Hill County wedding venues, but the Ma Maison team is going above and beyond to keep our guests safe. COVID can survive on surfaces for surprisingly long periods of time, so we deep clean the venues after each event. We’re also using air purifiers and a cleansing fogger to erase any residual particles of COVID between events. When you schedule an event with Ma Maison, rest assured that our venue will all-but sparkle upon your arrival.

Working Together to Tackle Pandemic Risks

Combating Coronavirus and making sure you can have a safe, fun wedding isn’t something technology and a hard-working staff can achieve on their own. We all need to work together, and that’s why we have a conversation with every pair of newlyweds. We want you to know we’re doing everything to help you be safe, and want you to be comfortable and confident on your special day.

The final part of our strategy for running weddings during the COVID era is making it easier for you and your guests to maintain safe practices.  Plexiglass separates our buffets and minimizes the risk of spread, we have plentiful sanitization stations, and much more. You can be confident and secure when you plan a wedding with Ma Maison, one of the most respected Hill County wedding venues. 

Hill County Wedding Venue Bar with plexiglass

Photography by Anastasia Strate Photography


Ma Maison, a Revered Hill County Wedding Venue

Ma Maison is one of the finest wedding venues that you’ll find anywhere in Texas. It’s a historic site that takes after classical French architecture and sprawls across 10,000 square feet. You’ll find lakefront views, antique covered areas that we’ve restored to their past glory, and towering oak gardens in the style of the old French aristocracy. On your special day, everything that Ma Maison has to offer will be all yours. Enjoy a wedding ceremony fit for royalty at our variety of gorgeous venues.

Outdoor Locations

You’ll find some of the most beautiful and impressive wedding venue facilities anywhere in America if you book with us. We offer an antique gazebo, a lovely oak garden, and much more.  The Grove is one of our most popular venues, and it can easily serve groups in either the dozens or the hundreds. Nearby you’ll find The Trellis, a covered outdoor space with a stone fire ring and the secluded Bride’s Garden. Our Green Cathedral is another choice for outdoor ceremonies, as it features towering oak trees and a reclaimed French gazebo from centuries past. 

Indoor Facilities

Our indoor facilities are equally impressive, as the Great Hall exudes our unique French-inspired brand of Southern hospitality and style. The expansive area covers 4,000 square feet and we can tailor it to suit the exact needs of your wedding event. We’ll unveil a new indoor space soon, as well. The Chapel will serve as a focal point for your wedding ceremony and seats 300 guests before considering any circumstantial limitations. 


Hill County Wedding Venue

The Ma Maison Mission

We opened Ma Maison so that we could give the betrothed couples a magical wedding venue and share some Southern hospitality with newlyweds around the country. Whether it comes to form or function, we pay immaculate attention to every detail of the venue. At first glance, you’ll instantly see that Ma Maison seems a world apart from all our modern troubles where you’re a queen in her castle.

On closer inspection, you’ll see that the size and layout of our venues enable large crowds to mingle and move about effortlessly. If you feel the need to step away for a moment, you’ll find a stunning balcony waiting for you. If you’re feeling stressed, we even have the sweetest therapy dog you’ll ever meet (her name is Ellie). We hope your wedding sticks out as the best day of your life, and we want you to book with us so we can make sure it is. All you have to do is get in touch with us so we can make your dreams come true.



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