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The Survival Bridal Kit

Tips and Advice

No matter how much planning you may have done or how detailed your timeline is, wedding mishaps are bound to happen. This is where your handy dandy wedding emergency kit comes in. Pack up all the items that create the kit in a tote bag or large cosmetic organizer for easy carrying and storing. Keep it accessible in the bridal suite and hope you never have to use it throughout the event.

These “just in case” items listed have been known to save the day on more than one occasion. Not to mention creating this extensive kit makes for a great shower gift! The bride will not have worry about to getting all the items and trying to put everything together the morning of the wedding.

Mini sewing kit with scissors, needles, thread, buttons, and safety pins: You never know when you will need to do some minor hemming.

Tweezers: You will never know when you will need this nimble little helper.

Baby powder: On hot summer days (especially in Texas), full bridal suites, and a bit of nerves can lead to sweat. Moisture absorbing baby powder is perfect to feel fresh.

Extra undergarments: These are items you will want to have and not use rather than need and not have.

Q-Tips and makeup remover: Makeup mistakes can happen but do not need to stick around so you can be picture perfect ready!

Blotting papers: To absorb a little shine and oil.

Tampons/panty liners: If the bride does not use these, someone else will.

Blister Band-Aids: That new pair of shoes you got just for the wedding but did not even think to break them in, yup you will need these for sure.

Nail polish, one clear coat, and one in the shade you are wearing: Keep those nails bouquet holding ready!

Nail polish remover, nail file, and nail clipper: We all like to think we give ourselves great manicures, but you should always be prepared for the one time you are in a rush and make a mistake.

Tissues: For all the happy tears that you will not want messing with your makeup.

Mini first aid kit with Band-Aids, Neosporin, and burn relief: Just in case someone hurt themselves popping the bubbly. 

Medicine consisting of pain reliever, allergy medicine, and antacid: You never know when you can get a headache, allergy irritation, or indigestion especially under stress.

Sunscreen: If you are outside taking pictures for hours, you will not want red blotchy patches when you are finished.

Towelettes/Baby Wipes: To freshen up on the go.

Deodorant: Often times you are so excited on your wedding day, you skip a few steps in your morning routine, so deodorant is always a must.

Perfume: You are going to want to make sure you bring your Chanel no. 5 to smell fresh all day. The bottle will be a great photo accessory as well!

Razor: Again, skipped steps in your getting ready routine are a common occurrence on the wedding day.

Light snacks: No one wants a hangry bride, granola bars are an easy fix!

Straws: All the girls can sip on something to drink without messing up their lipstick.

Super Glue: To fix all most every broken shoe, pieces of jewelry, headpiece, and almost anything else!

Pen and paper: for any last minute thoughts, reminders,  and thank you’s.

Breath mints/ spray: Take a mint or get a spritz before you go down the aisle for a ‘first kiss’ of minty freshness.

Stain remover: For any potential stain making spills that could happen to fall on the dress.

White chalk: God forbid anything gets on the dress that will not come out, it can usually be masked with chalk.

Lighter: To seal any edges of frayed ribbon.

White duct tape: It really can almost fix anything. Pack a white roll just in case the ‘”thing” needing fixing happens to be something worn by the bride. 

Lint roller: This item may be needed more with the groom and his friends.

Double-sided tape: This can be a life saver when you need to fix a dress mishap.

Cash: You may want to include the gratuity envelopes with this one. Have each labeled who it goes to in individual envelopes. Bring extra cash just to have for any unforeseen event.

Dental floss/toothpicks: The last thing you need is to have a piece of food stuck in your teeth before you walk down the aisle.

Eye drops: You may want these for beauty prep! If you wear contacts, bring an extra pair as well as solution and a case.

Lotion: Perfect for the dry patches.

Toothbrush and toothpaste: Always need to stay minty fresh. Feel free to add a travel sized mouthwash too!

Extra earring backs: They always seem to go missing when you are in a hurry. Have a few backups in the case that happens.

Small hair ties and bobby pins: As soon as the person doing your hair leaves, a stand may fall out of place. Bring a generous bunch.

Hairspray: Even if it is a travel size, it will help with that pesky stand that will not stay put.

Brush/comb: Someone will always need one.

Chapstick: Keep the lips hydrated at all times!

Wrinkle remover: This item may also be more for the guys, but no wrinkles will ruin on pictures on your wedding day!

Static Guard: Very helpful when the bridesmaids’ chiffon dresses keep sticking to them when they are about to go down the aisle.

Compact mirror: Where ever you chose to get ready should have large mirrors. Use the compact mirror to see the back of your hair, maybe make sure you like the placement of your headpiece.

Corsage pins: Never fails that a pin breaks or a corsage cannot stay put.

Extra phone chargers and an extension cord: Someone may be able to lend you an iPhone charger, but you are going to want to bring your own to charge as long as you may need. If you do not own an iPhone, you will most definitely need to bring your own. The room you are getting ready in may not have enough plugs, so an extension cord will always be helpful.

Mini water bottles: Stay hydrated for the day, it is going to be a long but enjoyable one!

Alcohol: Depending on where you get ready for the day, some venues may not allow outside alcohol to be brought in so always check first! But sometimes liquid courage can be helpful. Grab a few airplane bottle sizes of the bride’s choice to keep on hand.

Pinch Provisions Wedding Kits  Pinch Provisions Wedding Kits

If you don’t have the time to compile a kit yourself, check out Pinch Provisions. They provide small compact kits that will be helpful to have along on your wedding day! They have three different kits for brides that range from $18 to $80. They also provide kits for bridesmaids, so everyone will be covered when they are in a ‘pinch’!  

Did we forget any items for your wedding day emergency kit? Are you surprised by any items on the list, maybe you didn’t think you might have needed? Any other emergency kit tips that you would like to offer?  


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