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Wedding Day Check List

Tips and Advice

Jenna McElroy Photography 

Jenna McElroy Photography 

To the weeks and even days leading up to your wedding, friends, family, and the professionals you hired will be throwing lists at you to make sure you bring everything you might need for your Big day. Check back to our Bridal Survival Kit for the emergency items you will want to pack but hope never to need. For all the other articles, here is a helpful checklist you should consider when packing.

Besides the dress, veil, and jewelry there will be a few other apparel items and accessories you will not want to forget. You should never go without your makeup bag but here are a few items you might not have thought of.

Getting ready attire: Whether this is a romper or button down, you will want an article of clothing to get ready in that allows you to take off easily, so your hair will stay in place.

Crochet hook: For a wedding dress with buttons all down the back, a crochet hook will save your fingers and time.

Extra pair of shoes: Those Jimmy Choos are gorgeous for pictures, but when it’s time to bust a move on the dance floor, you are not going to want to bust a heel.

Decorated hanger: For the dress detailed shots, you are going to want a beautiful hanger to hang the dress on.

Iron/Steamer: When transporting the dress, you will most likely get a wrinkle or two so have a portable steamer on hand in case your bridesmaids need to use it as well.

Departure outfit: If you are changing into something else before you leave the wedding venue, make sure you have all the accessories that go with the outfit change.

Day 7 Photography

Day 7 Photography


There are quite a few pieces of paper you will need to bring on your wedding day. Read below to make sure you have all the paper goods!

Marriage license: This is one important piece of paper you cannot forget to bring with you.

Vendor Info: Bring a copy of the timeline your planner created along with the list of vendor contact information.

The invitation set: Your save the date, invitation, and envelope are great to keep for your photographer to take pictures of for the detail shots of your wedding day.

Vows: If you plan to personalize your vows, have an extra paper copy of the vows. Many people write their vows out on their phone, and it only takes one spilled drink early in the day to create a crisis.

Passport: If you are leaving for your honeymoon right after your wedding to an international     destination, you will need to pack your passport.

Honeymoon documents: Again, if you plan to leave the next day for your honeymoon have all honeymoon documents packed which can include itineraries, confirmation codes and     reservations.

Thank yous: Day of the wedding, you will be so busy with hair and makeup. Prewrite thank you letters to friends, family, and anyone else who helped you create the perfect wedding day.

Tip Envelopes: Write out the names of the people to receive each envelope and place the tip inside so you do not have to deal with it on that day. Just hand the envelopes over to your planner on the day of your wedding and enjoy getting married!

Jenna McElroy Photography 

Jenna McElroy Photography 


Below are listed a few miscellaneous items to remember to bring with you when you are packing up a few days before your wedding day.

Photo accessories: any other items you may want the photographer to use in pictures besides the invitation set.

Bridesmaids’ gifts:  Have the gifts ready to go the night before and hand them out in the morning if you have not given them out beforehand.

A gift to the groom:  You do not want to forget this gift! If you think you might be crunched for time on your wedding day, have the gift-wrapped and card pre-written, so all that needs to be done is handed to the groom.

Packed bags:  Have all items put away in suitcases, packed and ready to go if you are going to a hotel following the wedding reception.

Tank Goodness Photography

Tank Goodness Photography

Where there any items you forget to bring for your wedding day? Was there anything you thought about packing but decided not to and regretted it? Was there anything you think should be added to the list?   


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