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Hi there! Welcome to the Ma Maison blog. Stay a while and say hello!

Puppy Love at Ma Maison


Puppy Love at Ma Maison might be the very best kind of love…

Puppy love at Ma Maison means dogs, dogs, and more dogs. We love dogs! 


Do you love dogs?


To give you an idea of how much Puppy Love at Ma Maison there is:

Karen and Ken have three dogs, Gracie, Ellie, and Kaldi

Melanie and her family have one dog, Apple Jax

Michelle and her husband have one dog, Breaux

Conor and her family have three dogs, Shelly, Emma, and Charlee

Amy and her family have one dog, Judge


…we told you we love dogs.


If you have visited our property, you have probably seen Ellie, our wonder dog.

She is always ready to greet you when you come for a tour and she will gladly show you all around the venue. We consider her the best tour guide around. 


Which might have you wondering, does Ma Maison allow dogs on your wedding?

Why yes, yes we do!

Please feel free to bring your furry friend out on your special day!

We only ask that you have someone watching your beloved fur baby while you can’t. Due to being in the hill country and having wild animals all around, we feel safer having someone watch over your sweet pet.


We highly recommend working with The Pet Gal. She and her team are a great Austin vendor who provides amazing dog care for you during your big day.


Here are also some cute ideas on how to incorporate your fluffy friends on your wedding day whether they are there in person or at home waiting for you.


At Home:

  1. Having a cake made to their likeness
  2. Showcasing pictures of them around the venue
  3. Naming your signature drink after them

With You On Wedding Day:

  1. Letting them act as ring bearer
  2. Letting them walk you down the aisle
  3. Including them in first look pictures


We can’t wait to see all the fluffy friends that come out to see us in 2021! 

If you have any questions or concerns about them being there, just ask! We are always happy to chat about dogs!


Because after all, puppy love is the best kind of love, right??


Cheers to you and cheers to puppy love,

The MM Team



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