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How to Stay Warm On Your Wedding Day at Ma Maison


How To Stay Warm at Ma Maison on Your Wedding Day

Baby, it is cold outside! Ready to stay warm this winter at your wedding?


We know, we know. Texas is usually pretty warm. But can we also agree that Texas is so strange and likes to throw us weather curve balls from time to time?


It can be a warm sunny day and then in a matter of moments it feels like Jack Frost has paid a visit! And you might be thinking…what do I do if it is cold at my wedding? This will tell you how to stay warm at Ma Maison.


In Texas, we can get cold weather snaps anytime from October through April, so the Ma Maison team wanted to give you a couple of fun ideas to have in the back of your mind in case your big day turns a little chilly.


Here are ways to stay warm and have a wonderful wedding day at Ma Maison:


1. Serve Your Guests something warm to drink 

Here at Ma Maison, we love the idea of a hot beverage bar. There are some great ways you can incorporate warm tasty treats in multiple ways on your big day. Think about providing your guests with something warm to hold onto and sip before ceremony as they enter the venue. You can also provide a tasty hot cocoa station for some fun enjoyment during cocktail hour and reception time. If you are feeling really festive and want to spice it up even more, maybe consider doing a fun drink like a Hot Toddy. It’ll be sure to make your guests feel nice and toasty! 


2. Set Up Heaters for a warm and welcoming space 

Luckily, Ma Maison is fully equipped with rentable space heaters, perfect for warming up any outside areas. They can be placed at your ceremony site or even under the trellis depending on how and when you want to use them. Typically, couples like to place them under the Trellis so their guests can be comfortable during cocktail hour, before they enter the venue. If this is something you are interested in, let us know and we can discuss renting them for your big day!


3. Warm the venue up 

Firepit anyone? If it is a chilly night outside, the Ma Maison firepit can be a perfect place for your guests to congregate and enjoy the wintery night. Sitting right outside the trellis, it is ready to warm your guests and even offer them a fun roasting station for s’more should you decide you want to do that. We also have a fireplace inside our great hall that connects to the typical lounge space. Whenever there are candles or a fire going in there, it really gives the whole space a wonderfully toasty glow.


4. Provide Blankets to stay warm 

People love to be snug as a bug. If you are having your ceremony outdoors think about providing your guests with something warm to wrap around their shoulders for the big event. Get a basket and put some blankets in them outside of the ceremony space. Guests can grab one as they walk in and they will be so thankful for the thought. Not to mention, this is a cute way to incorporate your hashtag, monogram, or logo from your big day, too!


5. Think Indoors for a warm ceremony

If you are really worried the weather may be too cold, we have some plan B options for your ceremony. Our new Chapel is finished and complete and ready to be used, just ask us about it for your big day! Ready to sit over 300 and warm as can be, this could be the perfect place to house your ceremony if you do not want to say I do outside. Another option is our Great Hall. Don’t worry about not being able to use it for your reception if you pick this option. It is easy to convert during cocktail hour! We have had many ceremonies in both areas and they are lovely and oh so warm! Check out our Great Hall and Chapel for some cozy indoor ceremony options.


With these tips and ideas, your day here at Ma Maison is sure to be a hit! Your love will keep you warm all day and doing any of these will keep your guests toasty as well.


Cheers and warm wishes to you all!


-The Ma Maison Team



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