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Winter Wedding Color Schemes


Not just Red and Green! Winter Wedding Color Schemes for all you winter lovers out there…


Winter wedding lovers, are you ready for some winter wedding color schemes that will inspire you for your big day?


Here at Ma Maison we love the traditional Red and Green that showcases the holiday season so well…but if you don’t want it to look like a Christmas only celebration, we came up with some classically beautiful winter wedding color schemes alternatives for you to think about.


Here are some of our favorite Winter Wedding Color Schemes to dream about as you plan your big day:


Metallic Magic: Gold, Copper, and Brass

You might be wondering, is it okay to mix metallics? And the answer is a resounding YES! Gold everything has been a winter wedding trend for quite some time now and more and more Copper and Brass are making their appearance in a multitude of wedding elements. Perfect places to use metallics are, a ceremony arch, decoration on your cake, accents in the florals, statement pieces on your tablescape! Let your metallics run wild this winter!


Wonderful Wines: Merlot, Sangria, and Champagne

Who doesn’t love those romantic deep red accented winter weddings? Berry-infused hues are all the rage right now and we love when couples choose to show off a variety of the similar colors. Whether it be in your bouquet or in your bridesmaids dresses, don’t be afraid to mix it up and blend all the reds on your special day! It will come out beautifully in your pictures and really make a wintery pop!


Winter Wedding Color Scheme 3 — Ice Ice Baby: Blues, Silvers, and Whites

A lot of the time people tend to think winter weddings can only showcase warm colors. Not true at all! Your big day can stand out if you think about incorporating cool tones around your venue. Icy blues match gorgeously with silvers and whites, really making any space shine when put together. A great place to put all these colors together would be on your table. Blue table cloths, silver tableware, and big blooming white florals! What a wonderful winter vision it will be!


Winter Wonderland: White, Beiges, and Creams

Who says only the bride can wear white? Let all the wintery whites be the star of the day! Bring your color scheme to life with throwing in some wintery creams and delicate beiges in there too. Take a note from Kate Middleton and possibly think about letting your bridesmaids wear some different white tones. Let your ceremony site drip in white, covering it with breathtaking winter white draping and cascading creamy florals. White is wonderfully wintery, we promise!


Oh Christmas Tree: All shades of Green

While we do love a good Christmas tree making an appearance at any wedding, greens can make appearances in all sorts of ways at your winter wedding! The mother of the bride and groom could wear some beautiful emerald dresses. Perhaps select wedding day jewelry that showcases gorgeous green tones. Implement greenery everywhere you can! On table tops, on staircases, on the floor! The sky is the limit with greenery (and it is usually very cost friendly, too). Bring a wintery forest wedding to life by going green!


New Year, New Colors: Black, Gold, and Greens


Can you hear the countdown? We love this scheme as it really can bring a wintery party to life! Some people shy away from black as they think it may be too dark or dreary for a wedding day. However, lately black elements have been making a big statement in the Austin wedding industry and we are loving it! Maybe consider renting black chairs for your reception seating. Or bring in some beautiful black pieces for a lounge space! Gold pairs perfectly with black and green too, making this color scheme so celebratory and unique!


We can’t wait to see all the winter wedding color scheme concepts to come out of the remaining 2020 weddings as well as the early 2021. New winter visions come to life all around us and we are so inspired by the beauty of this particular season.


Contact us anytime if you want to talk wedding colors or winter wedding ideas!


Looking for more color inspo? Look here, Cosmo has some fun ideas, too!


Take a look at Ma Maison’s Pinterest for more inspo as well!


Our well wishes to all you winter wedding lovers out there!


Cheers to you and cheers to love,

The Ma Maison Team



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