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How To Get The Best Wedding Hashtags In 2021: The Ultimate Guide For Couples

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Ma Maison is excited to showcase this amazing collaboration post with Wedding Hashers! They wrote this beautiful gem and we are so excited to share it with you! 


How To Get The Best Wedding Hashtags In 2021: The Ultimate Guide For Couples


We love how modern-day couples are mixing up the wedding industry by adding more experiences & technology, including wedding hashtags, into their special day. These elevated activities and technological additions are taking the guest experience to a whole new level. And it starts right after you get engaged when you create your wedding website and hashtag. 


You see, your wedding website is the go-to place for your guests to get all the details of the event, R.S.V.P., and more. And having your wedding hashtag front and center will get your guests comfortable using it. So what does a wedding hashtag do? It creates a “clickable” wedding photo album that can go everywhere & anywhere with you. 


All in the palm of your hand! Wondering what this new wedding trend is all about? Stick around! Today we’re going to share details on how to get the best wedding hashtags in 2021.

What Is A Wedding Hashtag?

There are tons of new wedding lingo and phrases floating buzzing around in your head—everything from Micro-weddings, sequel weddings, honeymoons, and now wedding hashtags. So, if the term “wedding hashtag” is new to you, we’re going to explain what it is and how you can use it. So, here’s the deal…it’s just like the hashtags you use in your daily life on Insta, TikTok, or Facebook. They’re words or phrases grouped “technically” or behind the scenes using the tiny # character. Pretty cool, huh? But of course, you probably already know that. 

However, perhaps you aren’t aware that using that character (#) groups all of the photos posted on that social media platform together for eternity? For example if you ever want to find some photo inspiration for, “Dripping Springs wedding” on Instagram, you can easily enter #drippingspringswedding in the search area. Within just a few seconds, you’ll see over 11K photos. 

You can do the same thing with your wedding photos by creating an online, on-the-go, social photo album using your own wedding hashtag. You don’t want your wedding photographs to get lost in the sea of endless images that are grouped by generic hashtags such as “the name of your venue wedding,” or  “beach weddings.” 

Instead, let’s create a unique hashtag for your wedding that’ll help you tell your love story digitally. Ready to get started? Here are some creative ideas on how to use your wedding hashtag that is sure to WOW your guests.

Image Source: Lily & Lime

Wedding Hashtags: Why You Need One For Your 2021 Wedding

When the global pandemic arrived on scene in 2020, it caused many couples and wedding vendors to get creative on how to still make weddings happen. And we believe that it also made couples really think about what was important to them. 


The result has been events that are more than just weddings; they’re a true celebration and narration of their love story. So with this switch happening, it’s only fitting that couples want to get the best wedding hashtag to further personalize and elevate the experience for their guests. 

Save All Your Wedding Photos In One Place

One of the most beloved parts of getting married is receiving your wedding photos. After all, it’s not every day that you get professional photographs taken. But, your wedding photographer can’t be everywhere so there will be many pieces or memories at your wedding that may be missed.There is no way your photographer can capture it all. But your wedding guests can certainly help fill in with their own perspective by using your wedding hashtag.


Thanks to the arrival of wedding hashtags, you can create a more complete photo album by connecting the wedding guests’ photos with your photographer’s photos using your hashtag. It’s genius! And it’s why so many wedding planners agree on the practicality of brides using one for their big day. Now you can have a mobile wedding photo album that you can access on social media simply by searching your custom wedding hashtag. 


How To Find A Wedding Hashtag

The key to having a rockstar wedding hashtag is to create one that’s witty, catchy, unforgettable, or fun. It should be something that your guests can get excited about, and that fits your personalities and love story. Many couples try to create their own hashtag for their big day, but if you’re struggling to develop something iconic and totally unique, you may need a little help. Here are some ideas on how to get the best wedding hashtag. 

Use A Professional Wedding Hashtag Service

Your love story is distinctive to you, and that’s why your wedding hashtag should be, too. But, don’t choose a hashtag that’s really common like #mrandmrssmith because while sure, it may be appropriate, just imagine how many Mr. & Mrs. Smiths there are in the world already using that hashtag. 

The key to having the best wedding hashtag is to create one that matches your own unique personalities and that no one else has. Maybe it’s catchy, witty, playful, inspirational, or hilarious (even “punny”). If you’re not up for the task, we recommend using a wedding hashtag service. It’s the best and easiest way to get a personalized and unforgettable wedding hashtag for your event.

Wedding Hashers is a great professional wedding hashtag service. They have a team of talented and experienced writers that can quickly and easily design a wedding hashtag that matches your love story.



The process goes like this: the dynamic team of writers will use a combination of your names and other little details, maybe your first date location or where you met, your favorite hobby, and perhaps even the wedding location, to generate a hashtag that is distinctive to you as a couple. 

Why is this important? If you create a wedding hashtag for your event that’s super common, the photos from your day will get mixed in with other newlyweds that are using the same hashtag. And that’s the last thing you want! Lost in the endless sea of wedding photos on social media…no, thank you!

The Pros Of Using A Professional Wedding Hashtag Service

  • They write it, which means fewer headaches for you!
  • It will be unique to your story
  • Easy to remember

The Cons Of Using A Professional Wedding Hashtag Service

  • It’s not free

Use A Wedding Hashtag Generator

If you want a free service to create a wedding hashtag that’s a little more creative than the lackluster ideas you came up with, you can use a wedding hashtag generator. These hashtag generators are super easy to use and quick. They are a web-based tool that spins words together to develop some phrases that may work great as your wedding hashtag. You simply fill in the form with both of your full names, indicate the last name you’re going to take, add a few keywords, and then click get my hashtags. Voila! You have an instant selection of hashtags to choose from.

The Pros And Cons

The Pros Of Using A Wedding Hashtag Generator 

  • Get your wedding hashtags immediately
  • It’s a free hashtag service to use

The Cons Of Using A Wedding Hashtag Generator 

  • The generated results can be boring, or not very clever
  • The wedding hashtag generated may not be unique
  • Other couples may be using the hashtags already (or might after you)

Create Your Own Hashtag

If you’re DIYers, then coming up with your own hashtag could be a lot of fun. You could turn a romantic date night with your favorite treats into a hashtag session? Write down a few words that reflect your spirit, personality, favorite things, and names. Then play a witty wordsmith game to arrange them into a wedding hashtag that is unique to your love story. 

Wedding hashtags can be traditional, punny, hilarious, relaxed, sentimental, or whatever you feel your vibe is. If you’re not sure what type of hashtag fits your event, take this fun wedding hashtag quiz. It’ll help you figure out which style matches you. And remember, have fun with it! 


10 Wedding Hashtag Examples To Get You Inspired

  1. #SmithsHitchedInTexas
  2. #LoneWolfToLoneStar
  3. #HoustonWeHaveLiffOff
  4. #DontMessWithSextons
  5. #KeepAustinsWeird
  6. #MarionMyBestFriend 
  7. #TyingTheKnotTexasStyle
  8. #TammyGoesLogue 
  9. #LockStockAndCarroll 
  10. #WranglingMeACowherd 
  11. #FixinToBeAMitchell 
  12. #MarryingMrBigInTexas 
  13. #GoingAllChaps 
  14. #MarryingMeATexan

How To Use Your Wedding Hashtag

Here are some simple ways to share or advertise the hashtag for your wedding so your wedding guests won’t forget to hashtag your event: 

Wedding Venue

Your wedding venue is the absolute best place to showcase your wedding hashtag. There are many wedding venues, such as Ma Maison in Austin, Texas that have multiple settings for your wedding. So your wedding becomes more of an interactive experience for you and your guests. 


At Ma Maison you can choose from The Grove which is a beautiful, outdoor venue space that is nestled under a grove of live oak trees, The Green Cathedral that features a reclaimed antique French gazebo, The Trellis which is perfect for cocktail hour or rehearsal dinner, and The Great Hall featuring beautiful exposed beams, chandeliers, and antique French accents. 

The Grove at Ma Maison

                                        The Great Hall at Ma Maison


Each space offers incredible views, architecture and experiences and will need appropriate signage to help your wedding guests navigate your wedding day. These wedding signs are the perfect place to advertise your wedding hashtag. 


Wedding Website

A wedding website is a fantastic tool to help you get through the many wedding planning stages. They allow you to share not only your love story, but also to keep the event details in one easy-to-access place: online. With a wedding website, your guests will have easy access to the wedding date, reply with their R.S.V.P.’s and meal choices, access your registry, and, of course, use your hashtag!

Wedding Stationery

Your wedding stationery is one of the absolute best places to introduce your guests to your hashtag. From the first announcement to your wedding programs, dinner cards, and even your thank-you notes, paper is the best place to market your wedding hashtag. 


We recommend that you include the hashtag you’ve created from the beginning of your engagement to get your guests ready to hashtag their hearts away. Doing so will also create a timeline of your life from the engagement to the “I Do’s” and then into the sunset with your epic wedding exit. A genuinely unforgettable wedding awaits!


Photo Booth

Oh, yes! When it comes to adding fun to your wedding, nothing can do it like a photo booth. Yes, the funtastic photo booth is still popular. If you’re adding interactive excitement to your wedding by having a photo booth, we suggest that you incorporate your hashtag here as well. It can be added at the bottom of a photo frame prop or at the top of the festive backdrop, so it’s front and center in all photos. 


Photo booths are an incredible way to get your guests mingling and interacting, and with all the props and fun poses, your guests will adore this wedding experience. 

Wedding Favors

Having wedding favors is a terrific way to show your appreciation for your guests attending your wedding, bringing a gift, and even being part of your love story. And since they are generally given towards the end of your event, they’re a great place to add your wedding hashtag. Then, send them home with a trinket that shares your love for them and your hashtag.

Wedding Signs

This is probably one of the most obvious ways to share your hashtag with your guests. There are tons of different wedding signage ideas that can be added to your decor, serving as subtle hints and reminders to post and hashtag your wedding. So here are some great ideas for where to display your hashtag at your wedding:


  • Sign at the entrance to the venue
  • A sign at the entrance to the reception space
  • Your table number signs
  • On your menu or drink cards
  • Wall decor
  • At the open bar


Get Your Wedding Hashtag

Having an exceptional, mind-blowing wedding experience begins with the tiniest of details, including your wedding hashtag. And while many guests may not notice your hashtag on your Save-The-Date cards, having a unique and personalized wedding hashtag will ultimately make the entire journey an experience that both you and your guests can enjoy along the way. 

From the epic engagement to the wedding send-off and every small step in between can be memorialized and stored together in your personal online social wedding photo album using your hashtag. Let’s get started planning your unforgettable day by finding a venue with the help of We Do Weddings and designing your wedding hashtag.




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