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Hi there! Welcome to the Ma Maison blog. Stay a while and say hello!

Ma Maison: Get To Know The Venue

Tips and Advice

Ma Maison: Get To Know The Venue


You’ve seen us on Instagram or Facebook or maybe Pinterest… the pretty pictures are a wonderful thing, but we thought it was about time to let you in on some fun details about all of our ceremony sites on the property! It’s time to get to know the venue!


This way you can get to know some fun little inside details about each spot before you even come for a tour!


Plus, you can learn some of the venue’s history, too!

Get to know the venue now!


Ma Maison: Get To Know The Venue

Outdoor Ceremony Sites:


The Grove


The smallest wedding we have had at the grove was 70 people!  This is our biggest ceremony site by far and it is able to easily sit 600 people for a wedding! The backdrop is gorgeous as is but is typically dressed up with a chandelier and some kind of floral element for ceremony time. The trees planted around this area are always green and in bloom, so this is a perfect spot to say I do in the winter too!


The Lac View


This is the lake view site.  It is the smallest of the three ceremony sites. The sites double in size which means this one can sit 150. But don’t let the size full you. This spot is one of our favorites with its very tranquil background sound of the lake being kissed by the wind. It too can be decorated any way you see fit and is ready to be used for your intimate ceremony.


The Green Cathedral


There is so much history for our sweet staple, the Green Cathedral. Karen found this beautiful piece stacked up dirty and forgotten on the ground! It was brown and rusted, there was no hardware to put it together and no directions! Ken and Karen only had a picture to go off of and they brought it back to life! It took Ken about 8 months of sorting it out, and then putting it together, and 2000 pounds of sand to sandblast it. Quite the journey! This showstopper site can sit 300 people and is a beautiful place for pictures no matter what time of day.


The Trellis


The Trellis is our very special Plan B spot for ceremonies for all you outside lovers. We have several sets of furniture that stay under the trellis for your guests as well.  It is the perfect spot to hold a special indoor/outdoor ceremony. PLUS it is widely used for cocktail hour and other fun party time events.


Ma Maison: Get To Know The Venue:

Indoor Ceremony Sites:


The Great Hall


Our Great Hall is a 4000 square foot grand hall with exposed wooden beams and crystal chandeliers. The average guest count is 160 but in Texas it is actually closer to 200.  Karen used to tell people that about 60% of the invited guests will RSVP but its more like 90% in the hill country! Can you believe it? The Great Hall is ready to sit 300 (including a dj station and small dance floor). The main floor sits about 220 and the upstairs about 70!


The Chapel


The newest member of our venue station, this gem was built to be the perfect spot for not only Plan B weddings but all weddings. We furnished it with vintage pews and it can also have additional chairs put in depending on your ceremony and guest count size. One of the best parts about the Chapel is the amount of natural lighting that runs through it throughout the day! No matter when you want to get married, you are guaranteed to be sun-kissed in your shots!


See, don’t you feel like you know a little more about each spot and Ma Maison?

We alway love sharing details of our venue so you feel at home here at the venue!


Have questions about the venue? Want to book a tour?

Let us know!

We can’t wait to meet you and show you around!


Until then… Cheers to you and cheers to love!

The MM Team


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