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Winter Wonderland Inspired Wedding Ideass


Winter is here, with all its marvels and its magic! And if you are one of the couples planning to get married in this wonderful season, you definitely want your wedding day to “borrow” some of the most beautiful things winter has to offer.

Planning the entire wedding around the idea of a Winter Wonderland is truly great – but, same as with any other wedding theme, you will need to pay extra attention to the décor details. How to really pull off a stunning Winter Wonderland wedding? We have gathered some ideas to inspire you – so read on to find out more.

·         White and accents. This is the absolute basic rule of a Winter Wonderland wedding. Bring together multiple shades of white and add accents to make everything pop. Your accents can be icy blue, gold, silver or even bronze, as long as the predominant color is white.

·         White on white cake. This type of cakes has been really popular in 2015 – and they are absolutely perfect for a Winter Wonderland wedding. A simple, white wedding cake will look absolutely gorgeous with white snowflakes on it!

·         White hot chocolate. Provide your guests with something to warm them up and they will definitely love the idea. We suggest white hot chocolate and high-quality toppings (such as coconut, hazelnut, and so on) – it will be more than delicious and it will match your wedding theme too.

·         Opulent lighting. If there’s one thing you should definitely not skimp on, that is your wedding lighting. Be luxurious and generous with your lights and everything will look as if it was torn out of a fairy tale. Extra tip: blue lights can create a very mysterious atmosphere, while string lights can make your wedding look playful and magical.

Whatever you choose, rest assured that Ma Maison will be more than able to accommodate your stunning wedding ideas. Come visit us, take a look at our wedding venue and book us for the most fabulous wedding your guests have ever been to!  


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