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Wedding Greenery: Think Green

Tips and Advice

Wedding Greenery: Think Green


No, we aren’t talking about recycling (although we are big supporters of that, too)! We are talking about one of the biggest trends happening in wedding florals right now. Wedding Greenery is IN and we are loving it! Time to think Green!


In the recent months, we have noticed greenery popping up all over our venue on Wedding Days. 


Greenery in the new chapel! Greenery covering our Green Cathedral, greenery cascading down at The Grove, even greenery draped down the stairs leading into the Great Hall. It’s everywhere! And!


We love that everything Green is having its moment in 2020 (and likely in 2021 too, according to other wedding websites). Greenery speaks to all kinds of themes and all kinds of couples. Whether you are the Boho bride or the Traditional bride, greenery can dress up any space and make it feel perfect for you and your love on your big day.


Time to think Green!


Here are a couple of Wedding Greenery Plants that we adore (and they are pretty cost efficient too!)


1.Eucalyptus: Soft and silvery, eucalyptus makes any greenery shine. It’s beautiful to see cascading in different areas, making any spot a little more gorgeous. Plus, it pairs so well with other floral elements. We can’t get enough!


2. Garlands: Perfect for stair cases, tabletops, and archways, we can’t get enough of garlands! Simple yet stunning, wherever they are placed, they make a wonderfully green statement!


3. Succulents: Well, us Texans certainly love their succulents, am I right? Succulents come in a multitude of colors and textures. Lately we have been living for a pop of succulent in bouquets!


4. Monstera Leaves: Trendy and picture ready! We love these big green leaves and how they command style and simplicity, making every shot they are in breathtaking. Used mostly for isle decor or amazing picture props, we love to see these big guys pop up!


5. Bay Leaves: Clean and simple, these little understated green lovelies are perfect for all kinds of decor. We have seen them sneak into ceremony arches, photobooth backdrops, and stylish boutonnieres! 


If you love greenery as much as we do, make sure to ask your florist about ways to incorporate it into your big day!


The best thing is that your greenery won’t just be trendy, it will be an element you always look back at and think, how lovely indeed!


Think green…plan green. We can’t wait to see your green!

Cheers to you. Cheers to Love!

The Ma Maison Team


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