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How Pinterest Can Help Your Wedding Planning Process


How Pinterest Can Help Your Wedding Planning Process


Something SO important that we see brides forgetting to do all the time is utilizing Pinterest! 


You may be thinking, Pinterest?! The thing I used back in the day to save recipes or sappy love quotes?? YES! That Pinterest! Today you will learn How Pinterest Can Help Your Wedding Planning Process!


Pinterest is one of the most helpful tools out there for organizing your thoughts, plans, and favorite ideas for your big day. 


Aside from using Pinterest to create your ideal color scheme and wedding theme, Pinterest has endless resources for finding all the information you need to plan a successful wedding day.


We constantly update our Ma Maison Pinterest with the latest trends and fun things to know in the Wedding Community. If you are ever looking for Ma Maison specific inspiration or just wedding inspiration, take a look at our Pinterest boards!


Below are some great ways to utilize Pinterest and we will explain how they can be useful to YOU, your Wedding Planner, and your wedding venue!

Here is How Pinterest Can Help Your Wedding Planning Process


The Importance of Picking a Wedding Theme


The theme of your wedding will quite possibly be the most important piece of your puzzle for planning your big day. It dictates the style that you are wanting to implement throughout your wedding, from the look of your dress, all the way down to what type of silverware you want to use for place settings. Pinterest has endless options of inspiration for all kinds of themes. Whether you are looking to do an enchanted forest theme or a boho chic big day, the pins are out there! Pick a theme that speaks to you and your love and let the pinning begin!


The Importance of Picking a Color Scheme


Your wedding colors also make a big splash across all your wedding elements. Picking a color scheme will help you to pick out your bridesmaids dresses, your florals, even your table cloths! Colors matter! Try pinning “wedding color schemes” or “wedding color palettes”. If you have a favorite color, make sure to pin that color as well. The options are endless and your brain will explode with all the inspiration that comes from just pinning color palettes!


The Importance of Finding Your Favorite Local Vendors


Pinterest is helpful in so many ways. Not only can it help you find visuals to pin for your big day, but it can help you to find people to work with too. If you are looking for a florist, all you have to do is search, “Dripping Springs Florist”. Florists who pin their work will pop up! That way you can see what they do and you can see if their style works for you! A Pin Win for all!


The Importance of Collecting Tips


One of our most favorite things about Pinterest would have to be the tips you can find on there. Wedding specific tips range from what to wear for your engagement portraits to how to tip your wedding vendors! The helpful information is endless and so helpful to a bride or groom who has never been through this process before. Wedding planning can be stressful! Let Pinterest help take away some of your stress and let it teach you valuable information. 


The Importance of Learning about Pricing


A huge part of planning a wedding is being mindful about your budget and how vendor pricing plays a role in that. Pinterest offers numerous pins that help break down wedding costs for you. In addition, it provides a lot of helpful hints on how to stay on budget or within a price point for your big day! A lot of the time, too, vendors will pin about their price points, so that is a good way to see what your favorite vendors have to offer and at what price.


Ready to start Pinning? Here are some great tips from One Fab Day on How to Set Up Your Pinterest Board. Take a look!


Your wedding day is one of the biggest days ever! Enjoy the process of planning it with your love, your planner, AND PINTEREST! You will love having a spot that showcases what you love, what you are planning, and what is going to come to life on your special day!


Enjoy pinning everybody! 


Cheers to you and cheers to love!

The Ma Maison Team


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