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Wedding Day Activities for the Bride and Groom

Tips and Advice

Wedding Day Activities for the Bride and Groom


Hello and welcome back to the Ma Maison Blog.


The Ma Maison Blog is devoted to wedding planning, wedding day, and post wedding education.


We focus a lot on the details that lead up to the actual wedding day but we wanted to talk about some fun things to do ON your wedding day.


Whether you are a bride or a groom, the day should be fun leading up to the actual event and we have some ideas on what you can do to enjoy the day even more!


Here are some Wedding Day Activities to consider when planning the DAY of the wedding!


If you are a Bride:


Bridal Brunch

We love the idea of a bridal brunch and actually have the perfect spot to do so at the property! Ask us to see the bridal garden — it is so beautiful and a great spot to hideaway and enjoy your wedding day morning. When thinking about the morning of your wedding, think about having a celebratory meal with the people in your bridal party. This is a fun way to sit back, relax and EAT (so important on wedding day) together. 


Best Friend Trivia

Easy and light hearted games on wedding day are so much fun. Think about doing best friend trivia. Not all the games have to be about the engaged couple. This can be all about the friends and a fun walk down memory lane. Do your homework beforehand and gather some good questions and enjoy reminiscing together. This will be sure to be a crowd pleaser!


Hair and Makeup Together

This might seem like a given, but sometimes brides and their bridal party do not get ready together. A good way to bond during the day is to prepare for the event together. Get hair and makeup done at the same time, get dressed all together, put on jewelry with one another. It is just so much fun to do and will be a memory that you carry with you always.


Shared Traditions

This may be something fun to do if you like the whole something borrowed, something blue thing. Let this be a surprise to the bride and prepare it before the day of. Find something for each traditional category and present it to the bride come wedding day. A moment like this is so special and so unique and will mean so much to the group that it was done together!


Mimosa Bar

This may go hand in hand with brunch, but if you decide to not do a brunch specific meal this could be a fun way to celebrate too. We are big believers in drinking in moderation before the event and mimosas are a great way to get creative and enjoy a little beverage. You can do all kinds of flavors and additions and this makes for such cute pictures too. A moment with the bride popping the champagne and toasting with her friends? Priceless!


If you are a Groom:

Groomsmen Lunch

Similar to a bridal brunch, the groom’s lunch is a great way for the groom and his friends to take a minute and enjoy the day before all the festivities begin. A great idea is to go to a fun restaurant that means something to the groom and then just hang out and relax.


Outdoor Fun

This is a big one we love here at Ma Maison. Our Groom’s Den is perfectly outfitted with lawn games so the groom and his friends can be outside and entertained ahead of ceremony time. If you are a fan of being outdoors, think about securing some games like horseshoes, cornhole, or Jenga. The time will pass quickly and you will have a great time! 



This is more so for the indoor lovers or those who might get caught on a wedding day. Think about bringing a gaming console to your wedding venue and enjoy a game day with the guys. If you are a sports fan, think about getting married during a fun sports season too. There is bound to be a good game on that you can root for while getting ready for the wedding.


Lucky Shares

While grooms don’t typically partake in those sweet bridal traditions, it might be fun to do something special for a groom so he can have a special memory and takeaway for the day.

Think about doing a lucky penny in his shoe or saying a group prayer to rub some good luck off on him and his upcoming marriage. Grooms deserve some special love too!

Drinking Games (in Moderation)

If you enjoy a good drinking game and can do so in moderation, this is certainly a fun way to pass the time. Maybe a little round of beer pong or flip cup? Think beer here and certainly have a reserve of water nearby!



Here at Ma Maison celebrating all wedding day is what we love to do!

Need more ideas?

Let us know! We can’t wait to help you celebrate and enjoy your wedding day all day long!


Cheers to love,

The MM Team



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