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Golden Hour Guide

Tips and Advice

Golden Hour Guide


Hello lovelies!


We are so excited to have you here at the Ma Maison blog!


If you are a Texas bride, you most likely have heard about the token phrase, Golden Hour Pictures.


If you haven’t let us tell you about this amazing window of time for pictures.


Golden Hour refers to a small but gorgeous window of time right before the sun sets or rises in the day. It is when the sun truly creates a glow through the earth, and the lighting, even on cloudy days, is so lovely.


Photographers love golden hour and it is a typical preference for any kind of shoot.


Now, you might be wondering…why is golden hour important come wedding day?


Well, depending on if you want those glowy pictures, it is always a good idea to plan your wedding schedule around that time so you can have it open to shoot with your photographer.


When thinking about when your ceremony time will be, either plan on having it well before the golden hour (so you can really enjoy the ceremony and not rush) or significantly after. A good tip from us is to check on the day of your wedding when the sun is going to go down.


Another good tip is keeping time changes in mind. Time changes happen twice a year so if your wedding is near one of those dates, try to think about what the sky is going to look like close to your ceremony time. So when you are planning all the timing details, sunset set time is a great thing to have as a note on your calendar.


Take a look at some of our favorite golden hour moments that have happened here at the venue below.



If you need help knowing when or how to handle golden hour, let us know! Your photographer and planner will be able to help too!


We promise taking advantage of this gorgeous lighting is going to be something you are so glad you did. There are just no other pictures like golden hour pictures!


We can’t wait to see yours!


Cheers to sun-kissed love!

The MM Team



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