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Hi there! Welcome to the Ma Maison blog. Stay a while and say hello!

Venue Stories: The Green Cathedral

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Venue Stories: The Green Cathedral


Welcome back to the Ma Maison Blog!


Today we are starting a new sub series on our blog: Venue Stories


The venue stories will showcase all of the beautiful features of our venue and tell you all about their history or what we love most about them.


Hopefully, this way you can fall even more in love with the venue too!


Today we are talking about the one and only, Green Cathedral.


If you have Googled us or looked at our Instagram, it is likely you have seen the Green Cathedral. It is popularly referred to as the “bird cage”.


Venue Stories: The Green Cathedral

Here is a little story about the Green Cathedral from Karen, the owner:


“This is our birdcage.  I think it looks like the conservatory in the Sound of Music. It is actually reclaimed. So I went home to my husband and said – I found this gazebo. So I asked my husband “how much do you love me?”  And he said, “What do you want?” I found this gazebo, but it didn’t look like this. So he went and looked at it. And he said, “you are crazy!” It was brown and rusted, we had no hardware to put it together and no directions. All we had was the picture. And it took him 8 months of sorting it out, and then putting it together, and 2000 pounds of sand to sandblast it! It has become the anchor to our property.”


The anchor, it truly is!

The Green Cathedral is most popular for photo opportunities but can be used for all kinds of events.


The site sits up to 300 guests and is a beautiful spot for wedding ceremony or cocktail hour!


There is a constant breeze and the trees behind it, make it a truly special place to celebrate!


Want to see it in person?

Let us know! Come on a tour and we will show you how beautiful it truly is in person!


It is a true favorite and we cannot wait for you to experience the beauty of the Green Cathedral itself.


Until then, cheers to beautiful places filled with love!

The MM Team


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