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Trendy Wedding Food Concepts for 2023


If you’re planning your wedding, you’ll soon find out how integral the cuisine is to your overall event. If you’re a big foodie, it’s likely one of the first things you started to think about after getting engaged! What you feed your guests is not only up for creative interpretation, but it is a necessity! Your guests will likely be at your event for at least 5 to 6 hours, and your family and bridal party will be on-site even longer than that! It doesn’t take long for hungry stomachs to rumble, so planning what you’ll serve and how you’ll serve it will become a big focal point of the planning process. Today we’re sharing some 2023 trendy wedding food ideas!

So tell us, have you thought about the food you want to serve?

Not surprisingly, the food served at weddings is one of the most exciting things for guests. From the beginning of the cocktail hour to dinner and possibly a final treat served as a late-night snack, your guests are eager with anticipation regarding what they can nosh on. 

There are so many great ways to incorporate cuisine into your wedding day and we are so excited to tell you about these wedding food trends in hopes you can showcase these popular eats on your big day!

Trendy Wedding Food Concepts for 2023

Dim Sum or Tapas

For your cocktail hour or perhaps a heavy hors d’oeuvres style dinner, you can serve passable plates and smaller eats. The idea behind this trend is certainly the idea that more is more. If you have smaller food options, you can try more things because of the portion size. Rather than having one appetizer, why not have several? This also allows for a great variety in your menu which can cater to any flavor profile. 

Charming Charcuteries

If you are a meat and cheese lover, this one’s for you. We are certainly partial charcuteries given their French origins. These displays are a great way to appeal to all kinds of guests. You can pick all different types of meats, cheeses, and veggies, and fruits to mix together. Not only are these delicious and enticing, but their visual display is usually an art form!

Interactive Stations

This trend has been around for a while and continues to hold strong in 2023. Interactive stations like a mac and cheese bar or made-to-order pasta station are not only yummy but so entertaining! This gives guests something to do and it will certainly be memorable!. An inside tip here: if you decide to do stations, be sure to have at least 3 so the lines don’t get too backed up at one station. The idea is for guests to rotate at their leisure. This delicious taco bar was created by the one and only SoHo Catering & Consulting.

Spotlighted Chefs

With Austin, Texas being a huge culinary hub, there are a lot of incredibly talented chefs in our area. If you are a big foodie, you may want to think about showcasing a local chef that creates a menu specific to their abilities. This concept is definitely unique and will certainly have your wedding food standing out from the rest!

A Moment for the Couple

This is a big day for the two of you and you might want a moment to yourselves to take it all in. Some of our couples choose to have a private room set with a few hors d’oeuvres so they can have 10 minutes to sit down and look at each other to say “We got married!”. We love to see this and have several perfect spots for these romantic moments away from the cameras and guests. 

Plant Based Goodness

For couples who tailor to the vegetarian or vegan diet (or have a lot of guests who do), the plant-based options for wedding menus have grown tremendously! There are so many ways to incorporate this style of menu that go above and beyond a salad. The options are truly endless and when prepared the right way, you almost won’t even miss the meat! If you want to celebrate the greener options, this could be the perfect thing for you and your guests.

Don’t Forget the Sweet Treats!

Our favorite thing to see? Definitely all of the sweets and treats that our couples choose to share with guests! There are so many ways to display and share these. You can have them passed around on the dance floor, set up at a station inside or outside, or even have them put at each seat once dinner is finished. 

Jessica Frey Photography and Sweet Treats Bakery

Are you feeling hungry yet? We hope you enjoyed learning about 2023’s trendy wedding food ideas! If you need any more inspiration, contact us, and let’s chat, we love to talk about all things food!



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