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Why You Need a Wedding Planner

Tips and Advice

Today’s post is all about the several reasons why you need a wedding planner! Oftentimes, hiring a wedding planner is the first thing many couples do after getting engaged. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but we strongly believe the earlier you can get your planner involved in your planning process, the better! We don’t think anyone ever regrets having their planner on board from the get-go, and we can guarantee you won’t either!

A good wedding planner will help you allocate your budget wisely, recommend some of the best vendors, and put you at ease throughout your planning process. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of having a wedding planner – some reasons you may find a little humourous 😉

(Photo below is of bride, Nikki, with her planners of 36th Street Events)

why you need a wedding planner

Eryn Chandler Photography

Timeline Creation and Implementation

Although it may seem that after you’ve planned everything from what shoes you’re wearing to your last song of the night the event will run itself. We’re here to let you know that is certainly not the case. Having several vendors involved with your special day means multiple activities and tasks will be happening from the time your venue opens until the floor has been swept long after guests have gone. Somehow, all of this has to be methodically planned for – enter: your wedding timeline. 

Months in advance, your planner will begin working with you to create a “master timeline”. This timeline will highlight things such as when you will start to get ready with your bridesmaids, vendor arrivals and setup times, transportation details, when to line up for the processional, ceremony time and duration, cocktail and dinner times, introductions, first dances, cake cutting, toasts, bouquet and garter tosses, and your grand exit. There will likely be even more detailed notes in this document, but overall, your wedding timeline is the reference guide on how your event should flow and it’s something all of your vendors will need to follow in order for your event to run smoothly. 

On the wedding day, your planner will be referencing this timeline to keep things on track. Also, if things begin to fall behind schedule, they will be in communication with the appropriate vendors on how to handle the next steps and will consult you if needed. Basically, they are the keeper of the schedule! This task is one of the biggest reasons why you need a wedding planner!

Making Sure You Eat (Seriously) 

You may not be surprised to hear that oftentimes couples get so caught up in the moments of the day that they forget to eat. Typically members of the wedding party will have had brunch or lunch earlier in the day while getting ready together. However, by the time the cocktail hour and reception roll around, you will be so busy mingling with your guests, it can be easy to overlook eating. Despite the distractions, having a wedding planner will ensure you are getting to enjoy the menu items you worked so hard to select! A great planner will coordinate with your caterer on having a tray of appetizers ready for when you’re taking photos after the ceremony. Additionally, they will lovingly suggest you find your way to your sweetheart or head table for at least 10 minutes to eat and take a load off. We promise you will love them for this!

Serve as Your Personal Bouncer

You may be wondering what we mean here, but hear us out. Imagine you are floating down the aisle as all eyes are on you, and one of your coworkers comes out of nowhere looking frazzled because they’re late. Suddenly, all eyes go from you to them, and it can be quite the distraction! Your wedding planner will stand guard to ensure any late guests remain unseen until the appropriate time. Typically when all guests are seated after you’ve made your way to the altar they can usher them in discreetly. 

This also means that they will put an end to any funny business if need be. Perhaps you only requested by toasts to be given by a select few individuals. But then one of the groomsmen gets up to grab the mic and your stomach immediately sinks because you know how chatty he can be once he’s been to the bar. Your planner can coordinate with your DJ on how to nip that in the bud before it gets too out of hand.

Oversee the Little Things

One of the major reasons you need a wedding planner is so you don’t have to think about much other than marrying your person. Your planner will double and triple-check all the details you’ve discussed and ensure they are executed with precision. They’ll also scan for anything that may not look quite right. Does your dad have his boutonniere on wrong? They’ll fix it. Did the napkins get folded the wrong way at each place setting? They’ll tell your catering staff. Are the polaroid cameras missing from the photo station setup? They’ll hunt those down and make sure they’re displayed correctly. Is your maid of honor having a really hard time with your bustle because she’s had one too many cocktails? They’ll help with that, too! Without a doubt, your planner is there to oversee it all – this is to ensure you have the most stress-free and beautiful day possible!

why you need a wedding planner

The Bird The Bear Photography

Austin Texas venue

Vanessa Joy Photography

wedding day details and why you need a wedding planner

Sarah Tribett Photography

Herder of Cats (i.e. Your Wedding Party)

We know your bridal party is a group of responsible adults – but that is in their everyday life. At a wedding, all bets are off. And we personally believe this is how it should be! They came to your wedding to not only celebrate you but to have a good time, too. However, sometimes they are having so good of a time, they aren’t paying attention to where they need to be and when. This is where your planner comes in! They will gather you and your wedding party when it’s time to line up for the ceremony, when it’s time for photos, when it’s time to make an entrance into the reception, and hunt them down when it’s time for toasts. Essentially, they will be the bounty hunter of the evening 🙂 Someone’s gotta do it!

bridal party makes entrace at Austin, Texas venue

Eryn Chandler Photography

groomsmen at Texas venue

Mikayla C Photos


bridal party walks down aisle at outdoor Texas wedding venue

Parisa Mae Photography


outdoor Austin, Texas venue

T&V Photography

We hope you can see the importance of hiring a wedding planner, and why we believe they are one of the best investments you can make! If you’d like to chat more about the importance of a wedding planner or are interested in checking out our Texas wedding venue, we’d love to chat! Contact us here to get started.

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