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Top Wedding Tech Trends


As a new wave of technology took over 2015, everything was affected (including weddings)! We definitely noticed some new tech trends this year that are sure to roll into 2016! Let’s take a look at these top five wedding tech trends!

Drone Photography

Drones have become the biggest tech trend this year, and now they’ve made their way into weddings! Drone photography offers amazing aerial views of your wedding. Not every photographer is skilled to capture stunning photos like these so be sure that your photographer is also a pro in drone photography!

Selfie Sticks

When selfie sticks were first introduced we all had that eye-rolling reaction, but little did we know that the selfie stick was going to be such a life changer! Now your wedding photos can include everyone!

Charging Station

As everyone begins Instagraming, Tweeting, and Snapchatting, they may find their phones running low on power. Create a power bar or charging station to keep your guests powered up! 

live-stream your wedding

Live-streaming your wedding is a great way to share your precious moments with guests and family members who are unable to attend. Apps like Periscope allow you to do just that! Designate someone to live-stream your wedding to include everyone on your big day! 

gif photobooth

Photo booths are not new in the wedding industry, but GIF photo booths are! Unlike regular photo booths, GIF photo booths take quick bursts of photos to create a short, animated clip. How fun!

Technology changes and affects everything! Embrace the innovation and use these top tech trends in your wedding!

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