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Top 10 Edible Wedding Favors


With hundreds of ideas for wedding favors it’s difficult to decide on something that your guests will actually like. Well, everyone loves anything edible! Here are the top 10 edible wedding favors that your guest will definitely enjoy!

1. Hot Sauce

Give your guests some hot love at your wedding! Whether you want to make your own recipe or add tags to store-bought hot sauce, this is a great idea that your guests will surely love!

2. Salsa

You know you’re at a Texan wedding when they have salsa as a favor! For this favor it’s best not to go store-bought. Show your guests some love with your very own homemade salsa!

3. Honey

Show your guests how sweet they really are with locally made Texan honey! There are so many different jars, tags, and labels you can choose from to personalize your favor. Just head down to your local honey farm for raw organic honey and jar it up. Warning! Things might get a little sticky, but the result is adorable and totally worth it!

4. Cookies

All you need is love, and a few cookies! Make your merry matrimony even sweeter with cookies as your wedding favor!

5. Popcorn

Popped or un-popped, this is a favor that your guests are sure to enjoy. Plus, you get the freedom to use your arsenal of corny puns! 

5. Nuts

From almonds, to pecans, to cashews and more, you can make your own mix to share with your guests and show them how nutty you are!

7. Cotton Candy

This unique wedding favor has caused quite a buzz. Share this childhood treat and make a sweet impression on your guests!

Spread the love with your very own homemade jam! Your guests are definitely going to enjoy these little jars jam packed with love!

9. Infused Olive Oils

Who doesn’t love herb-infused olive oil? Infuse your love and share it with your guests with this cute and useful wedding favor!

10. Macarons

Macarons make a wonderful wedding favor! Not only are they delectable and cute, but you can also easily incorporate your wedding colors!

Any of these edible wedding favors will be enjoyed and happily devoured by all your guests! Which edible favor will you give on your big day?


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