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…Something Borrowed…Something Blue… Creative Ways to Get Blue in Your Wedding Other Than the Traditional Garter

Tips and Advice

Are you in need of new ideas for your “something blue”? Well, here are a few ideas that can help you take this long-lived tradition to a whole new level!

Mani and Pedi

Choose your favorite shade of blue and turn your mani into your “something blue”! It’s subtle and cute!


You can also use the hue in your bouquet! Whether you’re using a chic brooch bouquet or a traditional flower bouquet, add a dab of blue in your flowers or ribbons.


The fashionable way to choose your “something blue” is in your shoes! Of course I had to showcase the stunning pair of cobalt Manolo Blahniks Carrie Bradshaw wore to marry Mr. Big!

Beaded Belt

Want to make another blue fashion statement? Why not add a bold beaded belt to complete your bridal look!


Or for a more glamorous look, treat yourself to a sparkle of sapphires! You could even start a tradition and turn your sapphire bracelet into a wedding day family heirloom to be passed on as every generation’s “something blue”. 

Embroidered Date in Dress

One of the newest trends for “something blue” is getting your wedding date embroidered into the hem of your gown! If blue is not your color this is the perfect way to incorporate it without actually wearing it, and it’s so cute!

So, what will be your “something blue” on your big day?


Ready to bring your dreams to life?



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