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Ways to Save Money When Planning Your Wedding

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Are you and your partner planning a lavish honeymoon? Or, perhaps, you and your spouse to-be would just like to begin your marriage without the stress of debt. If either of these fit you, you will need a wedding budget for your special day. One very important goal when sticking to your wedding budget is to save money where you can.

Reasons Why You Should Create a Wedding Website

You can begin your marriage with peace of mind when you save money on your wedding details! Do you know how to go about doing so?

Here at Ma Maison, we believe that happy couples deserve the best start in life! That’s why we have gathered a few creative ways to assist you with saving money when planning your own wedding. If you are ready to discover some great tips, be sure to continue reading:

  • An Unconventional Day. Most weddings will take place on the weekend. This is a sure-fire way to pay more for your venue, vendors, and more. Instead, consider a wedding during the week. Overall, you have the opportunity to discover not only lower prices, but possible discounts as well!
  • Quality, Not Quantity. They say it’s better to have a small circle of quality friends than a large quantity of friends. This same logic can be applied to your wedding guest list. Only invite those that are a “must-have” on your special day. A smaller guest list will save you money, as you won’t have to purchase as much food and drinks, or present as many tables for seating that are full of elements of décor.
  • Go Digital. Invitations are expensive! You don’t have to print off or pay for paper invitations. Instead, you can create digital invitations that will allow you to manage and track all of your responses online. Not only is this method cheaper, but a more modern and convenient way to invite guests to your big day.

Tips for Feeling Your Best on Your Wedding Day

These details are a great way to save money on your wedding details for other things, such as an unforgettable honeymoon, or a future investment as a married couple. Here at Ma Maison, as a wedding venue in Austin, Texas, we would be honored to assist you with planning your special day. Please contact us today to take your tour of our Dripping Springs wedding venue.


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