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Here Comes the Groom! – Top Grooming Tips

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All too often, the focus of a wedding day is on the bride. However, it is important to remember that the groom is just as significant! After all, without him, your marriage just wouldn’t be possible. While all eyes may be on the bride as she makes her way down the aisle, know that her eyes will be on you. Therefore, you will want to be groomed to perfection! So, when preparing for your big day, grooming should be a top priority, as you will certainly want to captivate her attention.

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A clean shave, polished skin; proper grooming will ensure that you are in tip top shape for your first kiss as a married couple! Are you aware of how to go about preparing for your new Mrs.?

Here at Ma Maison, we understand the importance of showcasing a picture-perfect appearance on your big day! That’s why we are happy to share some grooming tips for the groom. If you are ready to gain some great insight, be sure to continue reading:

  • Great Skin. To achieve smooth and handsome skin, it is essential that you first prepare! By utilizing proper skincare and shaving products, as well as following good techniques, you will certainly be on your way to showcasing great skin. Here are some helpful tips to assist you with doing so:
    • First off, before you begin to shave with a razor, use a hot towel to soften your facial hair. However, ensure that the towel is quite warm, but not burning hot.
    • Then, you will want to determine which way your hair grows. To do so, run your fingers across your face. If there is little to no resistance against your fingers, then you are going with the grain, which is the direction the first pass of your razor should go so that you don’t tug or pull on your skin.
    • Last, be careful not apply too much pressure when shaving. This way, you can avoid presenting any irritants, such as cuts and nicks. A gentle glide is certainly the best way to shave.
    • Moisturize. Just as our body needs to stay hydrated with water, our skin needs to stay hydrated with moisture. In order to promote great moisture for your skin, you will need to discover a face wash that presents hydrating ingredients, such as shae butter and aloe.
  • A Healthy Body. It is said that our body is our temple. Therefore, we must do our best to take care it! Here is some great advice for maintaining a healthy body:
    • Get in Shape. Staying fit is the first step to presenting a healthy body. So, hit the gym, or at least try and get a walk in every day, to assist you in staying in tip top shape.
    • Relaxation. Spa days aren’t just for woman! In fact, more resorts are now showcasing services specifically for men, and for good reason too. Embark on a day out where you can relax your body with a message. In addition, have your brows and nails checked out by the consultant, as you may benefit from a waxing, manicure, and pedicure. Trust us when we say that these little details will get noticed. After all, it is said that woman notice all things, and your special lady will certainly be pleased with your manicured appearance.
    • Teeth Whitening. One last detail that will make a great impact within your appearance is your smile! Your teeth will be showcased as you say your vows and smile for your so photos. So, take a trip the dentist to begin a teeth whitening regime, ensuring that you showcase some pearly whites on your big day.
  • Stylish Hair. While your hair is most likely short, this doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be well-groomed! In fact, it is said that a great hairstyle is one of the top characteristics that woman find attractive in a man. Here are some tips to assist you with showcasing some handsome locks:
    • The Right Style. By visiting a hair stylist, you can discover the right look for your hair specifically. Your stylist will be able to inspire a new appearance for you, if you are seeking one. However, you will want to take on this journey a couple months prior to your big day, not right before, as to make sure you are pleased with the appearance.
    • A Mild Cleanser. When choosing your hair products, you will want to decide on a mild cleanser. One without fragrances would be best, as to not present an irritants or rashes among your head.

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Proper skin, body, and hair care is a must to assist you with presenting a handsome appearance! These are just a few tips to assist you with doing so. Here at Ma Maison, as a wedding venue in Dripping Springs, Texas, we would be honored to host your big day! Please feel free to contact us today to tour our Austin wedding venue.


Photo Credit: Sophie Epton Photography


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