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Texas Wedding Day Photos

Tips and Advice

Your wedding day is something you’ve likely dreamt about for years, and once it finally arrives it’s over in a flash! The next day when you’re on your way to your honeymoon, all you’re left with is the memories and eventually your photo gallery. We know how important your wedding photos are to you and your loved ones, so we’ve compiled a list of some must-have photos you should take on your Texas wedding day for you to cherish forever.

As luck would have it, we have designed our Austin wedding venue with this in mind! You’ll find that our property offers a variety of incredibly beautiful locations to capture some amazing moments of your wedding party and your guests. In this blog post, we’ll be featuring images from Kelsey and Calvin’s magical Texas wedding day.


Bride Getting Ready

Today is your day to shine! Your dress, your veil, your accessories – it’s time to finally pull it all together and bask in the glory of being a bride! Since this is a time of the getting ready process that is documented, we think the location should be beautiful, too! At Ma Maison, we have a beautifully designed bridal suite that is the perfect backdrop for these sweet moments. 

bride gets ready in dressing suite for her Texas wedding day

The Dress Reveal!

Now that you are ready and looking flawless, it’s so special to surprise your bridesmaids with the final look. We promise, the reactions you’ll get on camera are priceless! Look how enamored Kelsey’s bridesmaids are when they see her for the first time. Such joy and excitement filled the room!

bride does dress reveal with her bridesmaids on her Texas wedding day bridesmaids smiling as bride reveals her dress at Austin Texas wedding venue

Golden Hour Sunset Portraits

Your photographer will likely already be planning to incorporate some golden hour portrait photos into your wedding day timeline. Whether you did a first look and are able to do these before the ceremony, or you sneak away from dinner for 15 minutes – be sure to include these in your Texas wedding day! As you can tell from the images below, our property was MADE for golden hour. The way the light dances across the field and dances through the trees is magical!

golden hour sunset photos on couple's Texas wedding day

golden hour sunset photos on couple's Texas wedding day

Capturing Architectural Details

Does your wedding venue have interesting architectural details on site? If so, be sure to get some photos made in front of them! One of our favorite features on our property is our green cathedral. This stunning piece of reclaimed antique architecture is perfect for ceremonies, but also for wedding parties or couples’ portraits. We love that Kelsey and Calvin’s photographer snuck the couple away to grab a few photos at night, too!

bride and groom portrait outdoor Texas wedding venue evening photo of couple on their Texas wedding day

Unique Spaces That Are Venue Specific

In addition to cool architectural displays, perhaps your venue has a unique feature that often gets photographed. In our case, it’s the steeple bell! We encourage all of our couples to pull the rope to make the bell chime and of course, sneak a kiss 😉

The Grand Entrance

Now it’s time to party at your reception! As your DJ or band leads the introductions, you’ll be making your grand entrance as a newly married couple. This is usually a pretty hype moment, so how you and where you enter should be a photogenic location. In our reception space, The Great Hall, a grand staircase leads you into the main space, and it makes for an incredible place to make an impact! It’s even better when the florist adds some greenery or florals for an added element of drama. 

bride and groom enter wedding reception at Austin Texas wedding venue

bride and groom enter reception on their Texas wedding day

Cutting the Cake

Cue James Taylor’s “How Sweet It Is”, it’s time to cut the cake! While your cake should certainly be a focal point of your Texas wedding day, the placement of it in a room is just as important as this is a highly photographed moment (not only by your photographer but by your guests, too). In our reception space, we typically have the cake set at the bottom of the grand staircase, and we placed a gorgeous ornate mirror behind it. As you can see, when the photographer captures the cake cutting, the mirror also adds another angle which is so fun!

wedding cake at Austin wedding venue

bride and groom cut cake on their Texas wedding day

The Final Farewell

The evening has finally come to a bittersweet end, and it’s time to depart into your new life as a married couple. This is your final opportunity to capture some showstopping images of your Texas wedding day! While sparklers are definitely a crowd favorite, there are plenty of other ways to facilitate a send-off – bubbles, streamers, confetti, and glowsticks are just a few other alternatives. Kelsey and Calvin certainly ended their wedding with a bang with their exit, don’t you think?!

couple's sparkler exit on their Texas wedding day sparkler exit for Austin Texas wedding

We value lifelong memories as much as you do! With your photographer’s assistance, you’ll have some incredible images to cherish forever. Of course, we’d love to host you and your guests on our property! You can learn all about our French-inspired Austin, Texas wedding venue here.

Photographer: Christina Carroll Photography


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