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Karen’s Corner: Wedding Planning Tips


Welcome to, Karen’s Corner:Planning Tips

We are so excited to start this new series on our blogs called, Karen’s Corner!

In case you do not know who Karen is, she is the owner of Ma Maison!


To give you a little look into her wedding planning history, she has been planning weddings for over 40 years! She has worked every aspect of weddings and is even a very skilled floral designer! When it comes to knowing weddings and wedding planning, Karen is a great source for advice and help!

Which is why we wanted to start, Karen’s Corners! These blog posts will specifically outline ideas and tips from Karen for you all that will be helpful to you during your wedding planning process!


Karen’s Corner: Planning Tips

Today’s topic is: couple email addresses!


When you get engaged and start reaching out to all the wedding websites, you might start to notice your inbox being flooded with unwanted and unsolicited emails! That can get pesky when you are trying to read important emails, pay bills, etc.


SO, Karen’s tip for fixing an overrun personal inbox is creating a wedding specific account where all those wedding related emails can go!


Typically, couples create accounts that look like this: or


By having a specific wedding inbox, you not only rid your personal account with emails you don’t need and will never read, but you will also have everything that is WEDDING IMPORTANT in one spot!


Then the beauty of this account is that as soon as the wedding is over, you can simply close that email and never worry about it again!


Not to mention, it is always fun to have something that combines names or creates excitement for your big day — so that is another reason we love the idea of having a wedding email account too!


For name combinations or wedding hashtag creation, take a look at this site! 


Have questions or need help creating one? Let us know! The MM Team is always here to help!


Cheers to you and cheers to love!

The MM Team



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