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How To: Honor and Memorialize People on Your Wedding Day

Tips and Advice

How To: Honor and Memorialize People on Your Wedding Day


Have you ever wondered how you can personalize your wedding details to show love to those most important to you? Maybe you want to include a special someone who is being missed on your big day…or maybe you just want to showcase your amazing friends/family in a special way?


In this blog we will tell you some unique and personal ways to include sweet details that will spotlight your love for these people throughout your wedding day!


How To: Honor and Memorialize People on Your Wedding Day


  1. How To Memorialize Your Loved Ones


  • Try putting a Flower or special item that belonged to your beloved friend or family member on a special seat up front showcasing their presence on your big day, even if they aren’t physically there.


  • Include Pictures or a special keepsake somewhere on your person so they can physically be a part of the day. We have seen brides incorporate images on their bouquet, inside the bottom of their dress, and even included heirloom veil pieces into their look for the day. We have also seen grooms include a special handkerchief that has been passed down or even carry a photo in their breast pocket. 


For more sweet ideas on how to incorporate special elements of your passed loved ones, take a look at this Martha Stewart article.


  1. How To Honor Friends and Family Members


  • A great way to honor the special people in your life is placing pictures of them somewhere in the reception area so people can see them as the event goes on. It’s wonderful to show off images of just them as well as pictures of you with them. 


  • A big show stopper is sharing past familial wedding pictures with your guests! It is always fun to show off the historical weddings of your parents and grandparents. People love to see the retro looks and the sweet decades old images. Plus it is a sweet way to show the blending of two families by showcasing weddings from both spouses’ families.


  • If you are interested in doing more than just a visual honoring of special people, think about going verbal! Special toasts where you can talk about your admiration and gratitude for your special people is such a wonderful way to show off your love and say thank you to those you want to hear it!


  • Lastly, involve those people in your day somehow! Having your special person or people involved on your wedding day is a great way to show your care. Some easy ways to include them on the festivities are: asking them to read something during the wedding, asking them to get ready with you ahead of the event, or make a speech during the reception!


If you have other ideas and want to ask how you can execute it at Ma Maison, let us know! We are happy to help your dreams come to life!


Until next time…

Cheers to you and cheers to love!


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