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How To Cool Down During A Summer Wedding


How To Cool Down During A Summer Wedding


Oh hey there!


Happy Summer from all of us here at Ma Maison.

Are you dreading the heat or do you love the sun?


Either way, Texas Summertime is HERE and we thought you might be interested in reading about some ideas on how to keep your guests nice and cool this summer wedding season.


It is no easy feat down here in the South, but Ma Maison is prepared and ready to keep all our visits calm, cool and collected when they are at the venue.


Here at the venue we actually have a lot of provisions in place to make sure all are comfortable during warmer months. Our main building and Chapel are fully air conditioned. Our Trellis area is fully equipped with fans, misting options and even more additional cooling options as well. Our couples have the ability to shade all outdoor sitting areas if they desire. 


We are so ready to tackle the heat!


But how can you help tackle the heat and make your warmer wedding a smashing success?


Here are our Ideas on How To Cool Down During A Summer Wedding




Provide your guests with cooling beverages BEFORE and AFTER the ceremony. If you are planning on having an outdoor ceremony, think about providing a beverage station with at least water to your guests so they can grab a sip ahead of sitting in the sun waiting for ceremony to begin. This is a great gesture and your guests will thank you!


Ice, Ice, Baby


We love summer months for weddings because it means yummy summer treats! If it is going to be especially warm during your wedding, maybe consider treating your guests to some popsicles or ice cream! You can even get creative and get boozy pops made or incorporate ice cream into your signature cocktail. Plus, this will make for such great photos! Yummy and memorable, win win!




How about some sunglasses to help guests get a better view during a sunny ceremony? Sunglasses are a great thing because, 1. They provide shade and sun relief to guests 2. They are a great prop for photo booths or reception fun 3. They can be your guest favors! Plus, you can get creative and customize them with your names or wedding date! 


Fan, Girl


Fans can be an absolute lifesaver when it comes to a warmer event. Whether you make the fan out of our ceremony card or have hand held options available, these will make any guest feel cooler and breezier while outside. This is another great way to personalize a detail for your wedding day! 


Cool Eats


Summer food is delicious food. One way to keep guests cool and not bogged down during the party is offering some cooler options to eat. Think salads, fruits, cold soups, etc. Cooler food can be just as delicious, we promise!


Loving these ideas, but need some more? Check out this great read from!

We are happy to help you and would love to talk about all things Summer Weddings.

Send us a note and we will be happy to connect.


Until next time friends, Cheers to Love and Cheers to YOU!

The MM Team


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