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Best DIY Touches For Your Wedding

Tips and Advice

Best DIY Touches For Your Wedding


Hello all,


Welcome back to the Ma Maison blog.


We know, we know…when some people hear DIY for weddings, they don’t necessarily think it’s the best idea.


While we are huge believers in working with a planner and coordinator + other professional wedding vendors, we do think some sweet DIY touches on your wedding day can make the day all the more special.


Here are some examples of our ideas for the Best DIY Touches For Your Wedding:


Old Family Photos


Old pictures showcasing previous weddings or dearly departed family members is a great way to include not only a DIY element to your day but a personal one too. It is always so neat when couples create a specific space to show off those special photographs somewhere on the wedding day. This gives guests a little look into your family, your blending families, and all the love in between.


Family Heirlooms


Using family heirlooms will be special no matter where you put them. We have some brides incorporate heirlooms into their bouquets or sewn into their dresses. For grooms, some have put special things in their shoes or have kept them in their pocket. Bigger heirlooms can be used as part of the table decor or can even have a special spot somewhere in the venue as well. Having these special momentos with you on your wedding day will not only make your day sweeter, they will give you a little good luck too.


Party Favors


Party favors are a great place to actually get really creative. Making sweet takeaways for guests can be a fun thing to do with your mom or bridesmaids. Think about something special that ties into the theme of your day and have a little packing party before the actual wedding day. This will be a fun experience and it might even save you money if you DIY rather than buy online!


Are you looking for more fun DIY vs working with professional (which we highly recommend) ideas? Take a look at this great article from DIYNetwork.


Need any help with DIY ideas or finding vendors who can help you bring your dreams to life?

Let us know and we will be happy to connect you.


We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


Until next time friends, cheers to you and cheers to love!

The MM team



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