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Forget something? Here are 10 must-haves for your wedding day checklist!

Tips and Advice

It’s the morning of your big day and you’re scrambling to make sure you have all of your necessities packed. Don’t worry, we’ve created a checklist of 10 must-haves that cannot be forgotten!

1. Marriage License

You would think that something as important as your marriage license could not be forgotten, but quite frequently it is. If there is one thing that you must not forget it’s definitely this!

2. Wedding Bands

Be sure to hand off your wedding bands to the best man or your maid of honor before you start your busy day!

3. Checkbook

Make sure to pack your checkbook to pay off any final balances. Also, remember to hand off an envelope with the officiant’s fee to the best man or maid of honor to be paid after the ceremony.

4. Gifts 

Gather your gifts for your parents, future hubby, or bridesmaids the night before and place them in your car so they are sure not to be forgotten.

5. Makeup, Hairspray, Bobby Pins & Safety Pins

Despite how much you love your hair stylist and makeup artist, you can’t always depend that it’ll all stay intact. Pack your makeup bag for touch-ups and hairspray and bobby pins for any pesky fly-aways. And, a pack of safety pins is always a must-have, you’d be surprised how much they come in handy!

6. Comfy Shoes

I know your bridal heels are gorgeous (and maybe cost a fortune), but after a few hours of standing and walking you are going to be so happy to see a pair of flip flops or flats packed in your bag! 

7. Snacks

You have a very, very long day ahead of you and while you think that you’ll have time to eat lunch you most likely won’t. So pack some granola bars, nuts, trail mix, or any other healthy snacks for you and your bridal party. Most importantly, don’t forget some bottled water to stay hydrated all day!

8. List of vendor contact info

This may be a surprise, but the set up of your wedding may not go as smoothly as you wished. It’s always a good idea to have your vendors’ contact info, but also to have a written vendor contact list in case your phone dies!

9. Small Sewing Kit

Seven bridesmaids, two flower girls, ten dresses. In this type of situation, you must have a travel sewing kit in your bag! Any unexpected snags or tears are just a quick fix!

10. Alone Time

It’s your wedding day, the day you’ve been dreaming about since you were a young girl. It’s okay to be selfish for 20 minutes and just step away to have some alone time. Relax, meditate, do anything that’ll help you mellow down, in fact just do nothing. Take a breather because today is going to be one of the best (and busiest) days of your life!


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