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Expecting Carats with your Thanksgiving Turkey?

Tips and Advice

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Photo Credit: Krystle Akin Photography 

After talking about it for some time, do you think your significant other will be proposing to you this holiday season?  46% of couples make their relationship “official” between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day, also known as Engagement Season. So ladies, even if you aren’t one for a mani-pedi, rethink it and just get a simple polish. Trust us; you’ll appreciate it later when the ring is on that finger!

But what to do now that you are engaged? First and foremost, if your family wasn’t physically there for the proposal, give them a call and share the good news. Think about holding off on the social media posts until the following day.  You wouldn’t want your Facebook savvy grandma having to find out via a relationship status change that her granddaughter is now engaged. Take that 24 hours to let the fact that you are engaged sink in. Pop some bubbly and celebrate! 

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Photo Credit: Mint Photography 

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Next, if you haven’t put much thought into it already (like the millions of other Pinterest-ing brides) gather some pictures as inspiration of what you are hoping your wedding to look and feel like. Keep those images in a labeled binder. Discuss the essential details with your new fiancé such as guest list and budget. These two topics will hold the most significant weight when making wedding planning decisions.

One of the first vendors you should be shopping around for is your venue. Your venue will dictate your wedding date. If you must get married at a specific place, but they don’t have the date you were hoping for available, you will have to change your preferred date to one that your beloved venue has open. However, if you are set on a hot date, you may have to do a little extra venue searching.  Couples are now choosing to have a more prolonged engagement and are booking a venue a year and a half in advance so you may have a harder time finding the perfect wedding spot.

All in all, don’t get too bummed if your ring doesn’t come around the table with the stuffing. There is always Christmas a month later, and you might just happen to meet your diamond under the mistletoe.  In the meantime, just peek at a few wedding venue websites just to get your wedding ideas flowing!

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Photo Credit: Melissa Glynn Photography



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