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Hi there! Welcome to the Ma Maison blog. Stay a while and say hello!

Engagement Season Is Here


It’s November… Do you know what that means? Engagement Season is upon us!


Yes, that’s right all you lovebirds, break out the champagne! A major season of love is coming. Engagement Season is here!


From Thanksgiving, to all the December Holidays, to New Years, many couples celebrate their love and mark a new chapter by getting engaged during these next few months. Tis’ the engagement season…right??


Did you know that almost 40% of engagements happen between Thanksgiving Day and Valentine’s Day (thank you to Wedding Wire for that cool stat!)? That means that in just a few short months, almost half of a year’s engagements happen in a mere 120+ days out of the entire 365. WHOA!


So, you might be wondering… what days are the most popular and when might your special someone be proposing?


Here are some great options during Engagement Season:


  1. Thanksgiving Day- Surrounded by family members, a day filled with love, this may be the perfect occasion to have a public engagement for those of you who love a little spotlight and attention! Plus, how fun might it be to get some family members involved. Say your spouse to be is very close with their Mom…might be the perfect detail to have mom do something sweet.


*not traveling this year? A little Zoom call might be fun too…(check out Father of the Bride Part (ish) on YouTube for some inspo)


  1. Christmas Eve- It’s hard not to feel the magic in the air on Christmas Eve. If getting engaged on the actual day is a little too on the nose for you, sneak away for a romantic candlelit or fireplace backed proposal the night before Santa comes to town!


  1. Christmas Day- Another great opportunity if you are looking for a big celebration filled with lots of possible spectators! It is a day hopefully filled with laughter and joy, so Christmas Day may be a great opportunity to sneak a ring into a gift and let the proposal be the best gift of the year!


  1. New Years Eve- If you are a fan of all the glitz and glamour, this holiday may be the perfect one for you!  A night filled with hope and excitement, New Years Eve certainly will make for a memorable proposal!


  1. New Years Day- Waiting till the day of a new year could be a perfect surprise for your special someone, especially if they were thinking you may have proposed the night prior. Take them away for a one of a kind day date and make the start of their new year an amazing one! 


  1. Valentine’s Day- For all you love lovers out there, can you think of a more perfect day for your proposal? A day filled with hearts and amor, make your special someone the happiest little cupid ever by asking them to be yours forever on this pink and red holiday!


We also wanted to give you a few tips to remember when you are proposing during engagement season! Make that special moment last!


  1. Think of your significant other– what makes their heart swoon? Personalize your proposal with details they will love and remember always


  1. Capture the moment– if you can have someone sneakily available to take pictures or video the special day, we highly recommend it! There is nothing sweeter than being able to look back and reminisce about such a once in a lifetime moment!


  1. Make sure your person looks and feels amazing– This is a big moment and your special somebody probably wants to remember it fondly. If they are having a hard day or a sick day, maybe wait a day or so. That way they can really enjoy that big moment.


  1. Stay Flexible- We know you want it to be perfect, and it will be! Don’t get caught up in the details too much. It is going to be a wonderful moment no matter what, so if not every detail goes to plan, remember it is OK! And your special someone probably will never know the difference. They will just be so happy you asked!


  1. Deep Breaths- We know it can be so scary and nerve wracking to ask such a big question! Remember, you are talking to the person that loves you more than anything. When you get nervous, take a breath and just look into their eyes. It is going to be great!


Now, you may be wondering, why is a wedding venue telling me about proposals and engagement seasons? 


Well, without your proposals, we wouldn’t be able to host your big special day! PLUS, did you know, we actually have couples come out and propose to their special someone’s on our property! 


Ma Maison is not just a wedding venue. We offer our land and spaces up for photo shoots and many people utilize the grounds for a multitude of reasons. We love it when couples come out here for one reason and then end up getting engaged. The surprise of it all is sublime!

Not to mention, it is all the sweeter when those couples get married here too. 


Ma Maison is here for all walks and events of life. From getting engaged, to getting married, to being the backdrop for maternity shoots/birthday shoots/anniversary shoots, we love to watch our wonderful couples grow!


Being proposed to is just the beginning! We can’t wait to hear your stories and help you begin your Happily Ever Afters!


Cheers to you all! And cheers to love!


Ready to bring your dreams to life?



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