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Bridal Shower 101 for the Bride

Tips and Advice

Photo Credit: Mint Photography 

Photo Credit: Mint Photography 

Before your bridal shower, treat yourself to a manicure. All your guests attending the shower will be focused on you and your engagement ring. Many pictures will be taken so make sure you polish your ring as well, so you are all prepared for your event.

Opening your gifts will take longer than you may expect. After some gifts are opened, you might have to explain a backstory, especially if the presents have a meaning. Some brides love to open their gifts while others may find the process tiring and time-consuming. To switch up opening the gifts, bring your future husband along so he can enjoy the shower with you and assist in opening the gifts.

The shower may go on for hours, but one thing is for sure, your face will hurt by the end. The bridal shower can be one of the most fun events out of the entire wedding process. Brides, you get to chat with the women you love, who you might not get to see that often, meaning that you will be smiling and laughing the entire time.

Photo Credit: Elisabeth Carol Photography 

Photo Credit: Elisabeth Carol Photography 

Many bridal showers have moments that make the bride blush. Whether it be a personal story or a silly gift, you will get embarrassed at some point in the event. The best advice is to laugh it off and roll with it.

Prepare yourself if some guests may not be able to attend your shower, especially if they are from out of town. If the bridal shower is a few weeks before your wedding, your friends and family from out of state may have to prioritize and wait to travel to your wedding. You will be disappointed by your absent guests but remember you will see them soon for your wedding!

Once the event is over, you will be wiped out. You may not be officially hosting the shower, but you are the guest of honor, meaning you need to speak to everyone. If you have a large guest count for your shower, this could take a lot out of you. Talking almost the entire bridal shower can be tiring especially if you are not a social butterfly.

What advice do you have from attending your friend’s bridal showers? Did you have your fiance make an appearance at your bridal shower? If so, how did it turn out? 


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