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2022 Color of The Year: And How To Incorporate Color Into Your Wedding Day


2022 Color of The Year: And How To Incorporate Color Into Your Wedding Day


When the new year comes around, here at Ma Maison we get so excited to see what the Pantone color of the year is going to be.


You might be wondering why…


Colors make a big statement at weddings and when a new color is named, we know we are going to see it pop up at weddings here at the venue in a multitude of ways.


So, we thought it might be nice to give you a few ideas on how to incorporate not only the color of the year but all your favorite colors into your wedding day details.


First let’s talk about the color of the year and how it is a perfect color for all seasons and every wedding (if you love it).



The official name of the color is Very Peri.

So, of course this is a nod to the long standing wedding favorite: Periwinkle. 


Peri is a beautiful blend between blue and purple and it can lend itself to warmer palettes and cooler palettes.


Here are some beautiful examples of how this tone has been used in different seasons.


Spring – inspo from Sweet Violet Bride

Summer – inspo from Botanical Muise

Fall – inspo from I’m Mary Catherine

Winter – inspo from Southbound Bride


Now, after seeing that inspo, you probably saw a few ways the color palette was used in the wedding details. We wanted to go over some of the best ways to let color shine on your wedding day!


Bridal Party Attire

We aren’t just talking about bridesmaids dresses here. While that is a great way to implement a color scheme, there are other fun ways to get the colors involved too. Think about ties for the groomsmen or jewelry accents for the bridesmaids. The options of involving color in the day’s attire are endless!



The paper goods involved in a wedding are another fun way to incorporate a color scheme. From the save the dates to the day of menus, you have a lot of opportunity to use the color in different ways. From bolded wording to venue maps, this is a great opportunity to use your selected colors!


Floral Elements

Florals are usually a showstopper for any wedding no matter how big or small the arrangements are. If you are a fan of using color in your flowers, this is a perfect way to sneak in different hues that are a nod to your favorite palette. Try using different flowers and colors throughout all your elements from the bouquets to the boutonniere. 


Tabletop Decor

There are so many amazing ways to outfit the tabletops for your receptions. Whether it is through the plates, the lighting, or the placecards, the options are endless for being able to get those colorful details to shine through. Don’t be afraid to get creative here! Guests love the fun details that are personalized, so make those custom details colorful!


Sneaky Details

This is our favorite category. We love a sneaky color on the bottom of a shoe or when sentimental items get laced into the wedding day. With the periwinkle specifically in mind, it could certainly lend itself to the something blue you traditionalists might want to incorporate into your big day. Sometimes the sneakiest details are the most special and they can absolutely go hand in hand with your color palette.


Raise your hand if you are excited about getting colorful on your wedding day!


Need more color-filled ideas?

Let us know! We have all the creative ways to get colorful in mind and cannot wait to talk to you!


Until then, cheers to colorful love!

The MM Team




Photos by Janeane Marie, The Mill, Sophie Epton, Ushna Kahn


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