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Why Wedding Insurance is Important

Tips and Advice

Why Wedding Insurance is Important


Hello wonderful Ma Maison blog readers!


We hope your wedding planning journey is going smoothly and beautifully.


Today, in this blog, we wanted to talk about a topic we think is so incredibly important for all weddings and all couples: WEDDING INSURANCE.


That’s right… you might be thinking, what is wedding insurance? Do I need it? Do my vendors need it? Does my wedding venue need it?

The answer to all those answers should be a resounding YES.

We are big believers that anyone you hire should hold wedding liability insurance. The more insured your vendors/events are, the safer your event can be.


Now let’s go over how you can protect your big day!


Let’s go over some basic details of why wedding insurance is important.


WHAT is Wedding Insurance? 

Wedding insurance can cover so many important aspects of your wedding day. From overall liability to cancellation coverage, there are quite a few things that can be insured for your wedding experience.


WHY is Wedding Insurance so Important?

Because it covers things you cannot begin to even imagine and helps you and your loved ones save their investment during the time of possible wedding mishap.


WHO can I get Wedding Insurance from?

We LOVE Wedsure! They are a safe and reliable company, with so many options!

There are other great options too and you can even look into your personal insurance company as well.


WHEN should I get my wedding insurance?

At least 1 month before getting married. It is a great thing to check off your list and have done well before the big day arrives!


Here is an even more in depth guide dedicated to everything you’d ever want to know about wedding insurance from Here Comes The Guide.


If you need more information or any help securing your wedding insurance, let us know! We are happy to help guide you to resources who can help!


Until then though, MM readers, stay safe and insured so your wedding day can be a truly enjoyable experience!

The MM Team


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