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10 Fun Wedding Guest “Book” Ideas


Steer clear from the traditional guest book and use one of these fun guest “book” ideas for your wedding!

1. Shadow Box of Tiny Hearts

Have your guests sign little wooden hearts and place them all in a shadow box for you to display. Perfect idea for your Texan guests to share some love!

2. Love Letters

Get some wooden letters that spell LOVE and have your guests sign away! Then display their LOVE up on a wall for all to see! 

3. Photo Puzzle Pieces

Put all the pieces in a jar and have your guests create a picture perfect puzzle of all their signatures!

4. Wine Corks

I love this idea! Have your guests sign a wine cork and place them in a jar. Or find your favorite DIY home decor project and use the signed corks to make the piece extra special!

5. Quilt Squares

Perfect for the crafty brides out there! Just sew the pieces together and have a quilt that will last a lifetime and bring back your wedding memories every time you snuggle in it!

6. Texas-Sized Guest “Book”

Y’all’s guests will love this adorable guest “book”! It’s perfect for every Texan wedding!

7. Jenga Pieces

This is my favorite! Use Jenga pieces as your guest “book” and every time you have a game night you’ll always have memories of your big day!

8. River Rocks

Have your guests leave messages, jokes, or advice on river rocks and read a couple every year on your anniversary! 

9. Photo Guest Book

Make your guest “shake it like a polaroid picture” and leave a message for you in your photo guest book! 

10. Piñata

Then after you pop the piñata you can make a scrapbook of all the messages your guests left!

As you can see, the traditional guest book is getting out of style and new alternatives are all the rave! What type of guest “book” will you use on your wedding day?


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