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Wedding Food Trends


Wedding Food Trends


Hello there, Ma Maison reader!

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We are, so naturally, we wanted to write about something Yummy!


Welcome to the Blog about Wedding Food Trends for 2022. 


For all you lovers getting married down the road, have you thought about the food you want to serve?


Believe it or not, the food served at weddings is one of the most exciting things to guests. They always want to have something yummy to nosh on while they are at cocktail hour or having fun at the reception.

There are so many great ways to incorporate food into your special day and we are so excited to tell you about the trends happening now so you can pick where to possibly showcase these popular eats during your day!


Wedding Food Trends

Dim Sum or Tapas

It’s all about the passable plates and smaller eats. The idea behind these trends is certainly the idea that more is more. If you have smaller food options, you can try more things because of the portion size. Rather than having one appetizer, you can have five! This is also a great way to get creative and showcase all kinds of flavors and favorite eats.

Charming Charcuteries

If you are a cheese lover, this one’s for you. Charcuteries are a great way to appeal to all kinds of guests. You can pick all different types of cheese and veggies and fruits to mix together. Not only are these visually stunning

Interactive Stations

This trend has been around awhile but with people and guests getting more comfortable post-covid, this trend is really starting to take off! Interactive stations like a make your own mac and cheese table is not only yummy but it is fun too! This gives guests something to do and it will certainly be memorable!

Spotlighted Chefs

With Austin being a huge culinary hub in Texas, we are starting to see a lot of chef’s stand out amongst the crowd. If you are a big foodie, you may want to think about highlighting a chef and do a menu specific to their abilities. One thing is for sure, you can rest assured your wedding food will be delicious!

Plant Based Goodness

For all you plant lovers out there, the plant based options for wedding menus have grown tremendously lately! You don’t just have to have a salad. The options are truly endless and they are so tasty too! If you want to celebrate the greener options, this could be the perfect thing for you!


Are you feeling hungry yet? We sure are!
Need some more wedding food ideas? We are here and love to talk all things food!

Until then, cheers to good eats and love!
The MM Team


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