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Hi there! Welcome to the Ma Maison blog. Stay a while and say hello!

Wedding Beauty Trends that We Love


Wedding Beauty Trends that We Love


Hello lovelies!


Thank you for joining us again here at the Ma Maison blog!


We love sharing all our thoughts and ideas here with you so that hopefully wedding planning can be a little easier and more fun for you!


So, today we are talking about a fun subject! 


Wedding Day Beauty Trends


When it comes to hair and makeup for the big day, there are so many options and it might be hard to know the exact look you are going for!


Today we are going to talk about some of the freshest trends happening now. Read about them and see if any of them are right for you and your special day!


Let’s start with Hair Trends


Giddy up, the Pony tail is BACK

We LOVE this newer trend because we know how wonderful a ponytail can be! Especially here in Texas with the heat, it is so nice to have an option to have your hair off the back of your neck! You may be used to the fancy up do and think, ponytails can’t be fancy… Sure they can! Think about incorporating a braid or texture to it! Plus, it will give great shots when you do different close up angles!


Curls are Back in Town!

When curls are the natural option, a lot of the time brides are quick to straighten them out or put them up. However, trends are showing more and more that brides are embracing the curl and natural texture of their hair! There are so many ways to wear curls too — all down, half up/half down, loosely, tightly, etc. Let those curls shine! 


Girls Just Want to Accessorize

Making a big splash in the hair trend world is accessories! Whether that be the return of the headband, or beautiful barretts, we think this trend may be here to stay. This is a great way to incorporate colors to carry out your wedding day theme, or even showcase a family heirloom! Plus giving your hair a little sparkle will certainly stand out to guests and in pictures.


Now, let’s talk about the Makeup Trends


Glow baby Glow

Sunkissed and warm! Makeup is all about that glow these days. Even if you have a very fair skin tone, makeup artists are so talented and can make your skin shine come wedding day. Rather than focusing on fake tans, the makeup does all the work to really bring out the glow!


Pucker Up

It’s all about the lips these days! After all, the day is filled with kisses, so why wouldn’t the lips be the star of the show?? From bold reds, to moody pinks — the lips are the new focus! Choose a color that you love and wear it proudly all day long! Your smile will thank you!


Wedding Beauty Trends that We Love

Natural beauty is taking a front seat in the makeup world these days. Instead of dramatic eyes and heavy makeup application, the natural look is taking the wedding world by storm. Softer colors, less layers — it really let’s the bride’s beautiful face shine for itself!


Now… we are curious. What are some of your favorite trends? Do you already know exactly how you want to look?


If you do, that is fabulous!

If not, we recommend doing a makeup trial with the makeup team you plan to hire!

This will help you have the perfect vision. Plus, it is always so nice to get pampered too. It will make the wedding day that much more real!

So much fun!


Until next time readers,

Cheers to Love and Cheers to feeling beautiful!

The MM Team


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