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Up-do or down-do? Which would you do?

Tips and Advice

One of the major decisions you’ll come across as a bride is the style of you hair, to style it up, or style it down? Here are some helpful pros and cons to help you make your decision.

Whether you like the look of a sleek and tight up-do or the messier up-do with cascading waves and curls, up-do hair styles are gorgeous! Here are some positives:

1. They’re elegant. Most of us rarely wear an up-do hair style in our daily lives (unless it’s a ponytail or REALLY messy bun), therefore a styled up-do really stands out and adds elegance to your hair.

2. They suit almost every gown. Long sleeves, cap sleeves, sweetheart, or v-neck, up-do’s look good with any style. If your gown has intricate detail in the fabric, lace, or beading, up-do’s tend to be the better match to add more focus to your dress.

3. They are great for hot and humid Texas weather! Up-do’s usually stay put well in Texas heat, however, those cascading waves and curls might not make it past the reception dinner!

Okay, now for the con:

1. Up-do’s tend to not hold well with thick, heavy hair, especially one length hair. To achieve the look you want you may need a whole box of pins and a gallon of hairspray!

Downstyles are also a very beautiful! For those of you who have shorter hair, keep in mind that hair extensions can work wonders to create the perfect style you desire! Let’s talk about some pros about down-do’s:

1. Cascading curls are “sexy”. Most brides like the look of long cascading curls because it makes them feel sexier and it feels more natural than the pinned in up-do.

2. More accessories! Wearing your hair down gives you more options for hair accessories. With flowers being the trend, wearing an up-do with big flowers might make your hair look more like a nest!

And now for the negative, which is quite obvious:

1. Downstyles don’t hold, especially in Texas heat, which lasts most of the year! Make sure you get all of your pictures done as soon as you can because those gorgeous cascading curls will not last long. Even the best stylist in town can’t make miracles happen!

Whether you prefer up-dos or down-do’s, always consult with your hair stylist and ask for their opinion, they probably know what’s best for your hair type. Also, be sure to schedule a practice hair day to test out the style you like! 

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