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Tips For Picking Your Planner

Tips and Advice

Tips For Picking Your Planner


Here at Ma Maison we are big believers in the fact that wedding planners and coordinators can make all the difference in the world when it comes to a beautiful and successful wedding day.


We know many couples are on the fence of hiring help or doing everything themselves…

That is why here at Ma Maison we actually require our couples to hire at least a day of coordinator so they can be well taken care of come wedding day!


Couples should have the ability to relax and really enjoy the biggest day of their lives! And we cannot tell you enough how wonderful it feels to have someone else handling the nitty gritty details of a wedding day. The last thing we want or you want is for you or your mom running around with a clipboard trying to check things off during the day!


Leave the stress and the mess to the professionals — you will be so happy you did!


SO, in the spirit of hiring amazing planners/coordinators to help you – we wanted to also help you know some tips about HOW to go about picking a planner.


Tips For Picking Your Planner


Choosing the right planner is essential.

You want to make sure you like your planner, trust your planner, and can count on your planner!


Here are our tips on how to hire the perfect planner!


Make Sure You Are Compatible

Compatibility goes a long way! Personalities clashing when it comes to planning is a recipe for disaster. Really take your time to dive in and do your homework about who you might want to work with. Interview them too! Talk to them over the phone or meet them for a little in person meeting to make sure that you like their vibe. It is so important that you feel at ease and yourself around the coordinator! The more comfortable you are, the better the collaboration will be!


Make Sure You Like Their Style

There are so many types of weddings/themes/styles out there and planners certainly have their own forte of what they really love to do. If you are looking for a bohemian styled wedding but choose a planner who really does well at minimal styles — it might not be the right fit for either. Be sure to check out their website and social media. You will be able to know right away what you love from their work and what you don’t! This will help you pick the right coordinator for sure.


Make Sure They Have Good Reviews

Reviews these days are everything. Be sure to look across the board: Google, The Knot, Wedding Wire, Yelp, etc. The more you know about other client’s experiences with them, the better. Couples are honest when it comes to reviews, so be sure to take their words and thoughts into account when picking who you trust to plan your whole day! The better the reviews, the more likely it is that your wedding is going to be a big hit!


These are just a few ways to really make sure you are picking the right coordinator!

We have a list of our preferred coordinators and are happy to go over that list with you any time!
If you need any help knowing who might be best for your day, we are here to help!


Until next time, cheers to love and help!

The MM Team



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