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Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Band

Tips and Advice

Photo Credit: The Bird & The Bear Photography Photo Credit: The Bird & The Bear Photography

Guest Blog Post Written by:  Tara Bernal 

Wedding music might not seem like such a big deal very early on in your planning process, but trust me, it’s something you should not scrimp time and energy on. For wedding receptions, wedding music can amp up the energy and make sure everyone has an enjoyable time or can be a cause for people feeling tired and wanting to leave.

Make sure that your wedding reception music gets people up and out of their seats and onto the dance floor for loads of fun on your special day. Here are a few ideas how:

Photo Credit: Music For Scotland Ltd Photo Credit: Music For Scotland Ltd

1. Consider the type of wedding you’re having. 
You can pretty much play any music you prefer for your wedding reception since, after all, that’s when the fun starts. But if you’re having a traditional wedding based on you or your partner’s culture, then you’ll need to consider what type of music correlates with that particular type of wedding. For example, if your partner has a Scottish heritage, you might want to incorporate ceilidh music into the mix, like what most Scotland wedding bands play.

2. Think of your guests. 
Wedding reception music should be something that everyone can enjoy. Playing loud heavy metal music might suit the tastes of your same-aged guests, but it probably won’t sit well with your beloved grandparents, your parents, and others who don’t  find that type of music appealing. When drawing up ideas for your wedding reception playlist, think of who you’re inviting, and make sure there are plenty of songs for everyone to jam and dance to. It’s going to make your wedding party more meaningful. 

3. Factor in your wedding reception venue.
There are several things to consider when deciding on wedding reception music, one of which is the venue. Does the reception area have enough space for a band set up once the tables and chairs have been arranged? Can the venue accommodate a band’s power requirements? Ask your wedding venue of choice for more details.

Photo Credit: Mint Photography  Photo Credit: Mint Photography

4. Think about the music that you and your partner enjoy. 
At the end of the day, it’s your wedding, so you have the final say. You’ll want your guests to have fun and bob their heads to the music, of course, but also make sure that you get to have a good time as well. Your wedding music should not only cater to the guests that you invite but also to the whole ambiance of your wedding reception and suited to your personality as well. 

Music can make or break an event, and it’s no different in weddings. Spare a little time to go over your wedding reception music playlist, discuss them with your DJ or live wedding band way before the event, and witness the magic of how well-prepared music influences the vibe of your reception unfold.

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