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5 Unique Styles to Consider for Your Wedding

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The world is filled with intriguing and fun styles for everything, from clothing to décor! These styles can influence so much about our life. Your wedding day can also be influenced by your favorite styles in life. In fact, you can create a truly unique wedding day that complements who you are with the style that you choose to showcase throughout your big day.

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Have you considered which style you would like to represent throughout your wedding décor?

Here at Ma Maison, we adore seeing the unique weddings that couples design! That’s why we have gathered five unique styles that you could consider for your own wedding. Would you like to discover what these styles are? If so, be sure to continue reading to fuel your creativity:

  • Choosing Rustic & Southwestern. Desert weddings have been quite popular and shine brightly within the many photos you have seen. Take your favorite woven textiles, cacti, warm hues, and geometric prints, to create your Southwest wedding that evokes some rustic charm.
  • Industrial Meets Lush. If you are intrigued by stunning industrial elements, you can use them to create a unique wedding style. Add lush greenery, oversized bouquets, and geometric details, and you will certainly showcase a beautiful display that highlights bold sophistication.
  • Gatsby Meets the Tropics. Do you appreciate the warmth of the tropics but also a sense of sophistication? If so, you can combine them both with vintage furniture, art deco-inspired stationary, and tropical florals, creating a stunning style. This combination will allow you to evoke both glam and vibrancy, for an incredibly unique appearance.
  • Vintage Elegance. A style that showcases the past is something to cherish, as it will showcase such an elegant appearance. Choose to present lace, roses, off-whites, and crochet details, to highlight a vintage appeal that will promote grace throughout your big day.
  • Boho Goes Retro. Retro and Boho are two of the most popular styles. But, when you combine them, you get something truly magical. So, grab those stunning lacey free-flowing dresses, neon signs, a floral crown, organic details, and top it off with a vintage ride for the newlywed couple, and you will represent a style that will certainly impress your guests.

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These styles can provide great inspiration for your wedding day! After all, your big day deserves to be one of a kind. Here at Ma Maison, as wedding venue in Austin, we are happy to help you create your own magical day. Contact us today to take your tour of our Dripping Springs, Texas wedding venue.


Photo Credit: Joseph West Photography


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