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Stop planning & enjoy your big day!


Many brides-to-be spend anywhere from months to years dreaming of their “perfect” wedding day. They fantasize about the flowers, the music, the walk down the aisle, and the dress. So, after an embarrassing number of hours on Pinterest and physical, mental, and emotional preparation, a bride should not be consumed with stress on her big day.

Photo Credit:  Louie Abellera

Photo Credit:  Louie Abellera

Sure, there are stressors and unexpected obstacles that make anxiety inevitable at some point in the wedding planning process, however when brides are asked their biggest regret of their wedding day, their answers are usually the same; many women wish they had stressed less and enjoyed more throughout not only the entire wedding planning process, but especially on the day itself. Nobody wants to look back on their “Big Day” and remember being filled with unease over the little details. A bride should remember many things about her wedding, from the look in the groom’s eyes as she makes her way down the aisle all the way to the heartfelt speech given by her father at the reception, but concerns about the little, and often, in retrospect, trivial details should not be amongst those memories.

            So, what can a bride-to-be do in advance to avoid some of this stress?

 Plan. This one sounds obvious, but having your schedule for the day of your wedding planned in advance with time to spare for each activity will save any bride the concern of time constraints.

 At Ma Maison, hiring a wedding coordinator is a requirement with only the bride’s temporary sanity in mind. We provide a list of recommended and trusted coordinators that will do their best to ensure that your big day will run as seamlessly as possible. So, about a month before your wedding date, let the professionals handle the little details and reserve sufficient time for yourself.

Exercise. Exercising in the days and weeks prior to your wedding will not only help keep you in shape to look even more amazing on your big day, but it will act as a great way to relieve stress, as well.

Anticipate. There is always the possibility of last-minute obstacles on your wedding day, such as a DJ running late or a photographer not performing the way you’d hoped. Set aside the time in advance to choose these options carefully. At Ma Maison, we help to avoid these mishaps by providing lists of recommended vendors for this, as well.

Prioritize. When your mind is on so many things, it can be easy to forget to take care of yourself. Remember to get enough sleep each night to avoid being too run-down for your own wedding. Maintain a healthy diet and your body, skin, and mind will thank you. Mostly, keep things in perspective; a wedding that is aesthetically flawless doesn’t exist. Your big day will not be ruined by a small detail; your day will be special because of the love you share with your significant other.

Relax. Get off Pinterest! You can always do more, plan more, and add more. Do yourself (not to mention those around you) a favor and temporarily delete your Pinterest app from your phone about a week or so before your wedding. Trust your wedding coordinators and your venue. You are in good hands! Don’t forget that this process is supposed to be an amazing time in a woman’s life. Relax and spend some quality time with your fiancé or family. Take a breath and keep in mind what the process is truly about.


 Photo Credit:  Louie Abellera

 Photo Credit:  Louie Abellera

At Ma Maison, French for “My House” we treat each wedding and each bride with care and attention as if you were hosting your event in our home. It is our hope that we can help you to make your special day as amazing as possible!

Blog written by Leslie Kimmons


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