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Selecting the Wedding Cake of Your Dreams


Why have a cookie-cutter cake, when you can have the cake of your dreams to match the wedding of your dreams?  Your wedding cake can be a wonderful expression of your creativity.  Elegant or whimsical, the choices abound. 

  • If you a desire a tall, impressive cake that makes a real statement, ask your baker to frost a few layers of Styrofoam at the base of your cake.  You could have a seven, eight, or even nine-layer cake! 

  • A unique, elegant approach is to dress up a traditional white wedding cake with fresh flowers to match your bouquet. 

  • If you and your groom prefer the more natural look, however, you can leave your cake unfrosted & fill the layers with fresh seasonal berries.

  • Beyond frosted or unfrosted, there’s the shape of the cake to be considered. Instead of a traditional round cake, go for box-, hexagonal- or even petal-shaped cake layers.

  • That being said, feel free to think outside the box even further and have your cake coated in silver, gold or bronze metallic shades.

  • Speaking of unusual shades and shapes, how about surprising your groom with his own cake in a unique shape to match his alma mater or a favorite hobby…fish-shaped cake, anyone?  

  • Of course, you’re not limited to just one cake for your wedding, either.  A very popular trend in recent years is to have tiers of cupcakes for your guests with a small cake on top for you & your groom.  

  • And, if you and your groom have trouble deciding on exactly which type of cake you want for your wedding, you can have a variety of cakes in different flavors and frostings on display – allowing everyone to choose a slice of their favorite.

Courtesy of Beverly Demafiles Photography

Courtesy of Beverly Demafiles Photography

Ma Maison is unique unto itself – combining French refinement with Southern charm – nestled in the rugged yet beautiful Texas Hill Country.  To learn more about all that we have to offer, visit our website, or even better, schedule an appointment to visit in person.  We’re certain our venue will inspire you to new heights of creativity. 


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