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Hi there! Welcome to the Ma Maison blog. Stay a while and say hello!

Pro’s and Con’s of Wedding Planning

Tips and Advice

Pro’s and Con’s of Wedding Planning


Welcome to the Ma Maison Blog!


Here at Ma Maison we love all things weddings. As a wedding venue we get touched by all aspects of wedding planning and wedding day details, so we love to help our couples and educate them (y’all) about all kinds of topics here on our blog.


Today as we think about ending summer and entering into fall, we wanted to talk about wedding seasons and list out the pro’s and con’s for each time of year.


Ready to learn about all the seasons so you can decide which one is right for you?

Let’s get started!





  1. Beautiful, Dependable Weather — there is no doubt about it, Fall weather is gorgeous. A little cooler, breezy, making your cheeks a bit red. This also opens up the door to all kinds of wedding day attire.
  2. Less Decor Needed — Fall is a beautiful time and the natural resources of the earth make for a beautiful backdrop. Let the venue and nature speak for it’s beaty. Even the stars appear to shine a bit brighter in the fall. 



  1. Competing with Holidays — come November and December, the holidays are in full swing, which might mean your guests have other plans….
  2. Booking Indoor Can Be Difficult — because Fall is typically a hot time to book your wedding, finding indoor options can be tricky. Try to plan accordingly if indoor venues are important to you come the colder months.




  1. Lower Pricing — winter is not actually considered a peak wedding season time, so typically pricing for weddings is lower because venues and vendors are hoping to fill their calendars in the slower months. This is a great option if you are wanting to stay on budget!
  2. The Romance Factor — winter is beautiful. Just think candlelight, fire pits, smore stations…there is love in the air. Winter is a happy time and the holidays make people giddy, which makes getting married all the more fun.



  1. Cold Temperatures and Cold Weather — Brrr…if you are not a fan of cold, this season may not be the one for you. Be prepared to dress accordingly and have warming options for yourself and your guests!
  2. Smaller Time Frame for Pictures — because the sun goes down earlier, you need to prepare a schedule that allows you to take daylight pictures and hopefully capture the golden hour time frame too!




  1. Natural Beauty — Spring is when everything is reborn and vibrant. Stunning greens, blooming flowers, butterflies galore… (not to mention bluebonnets). Having a Spring wedding usually means you get to use all of nature’s beauty for your big day!
  2. Great Timing (for guests) — Spring is a slower time for guests. In between the holidays and summer travel plans, this season usually has a lot of open space for your guests to be available for your wedding day!




  1. Peak Wedding Season, Competition — Spring is another hot time to get married in the Texas area. Be prepared that most venues will be booked, so you may want to plan well in advance!
  2. Allergies — for those of you are Texans, you know. If you know, you know. Allergies are the worst this time of year! Bring a tissue box for sure!




  1. More Availability — Summer is a slower season, so the chances that your dream venue may have availability is high! 
  2. Longer Time Frame for Pictures — the longest season of the year, the amount of time you have for pictures will be far greater than any other season!



  1. Hot Temperatures — that’s right, Summer will be warm. So be sure to think about what type of venue you want to marry in — think AC, fans, misters, etc. You want to be as cool as possible on your big day, and your guests will thank you for cooling options too!
  2. Less Than Ideal Lighting — although you will have so much time to take the pictures, the lighting may be BRIGHT! Photogs actually love a good cloudy day for pictures, so in the summer the sun may make for very sunny pictures!

As you can see these are just a few things to think about when you are considering the season to wed in.


The most important thing to think about when you are considering WHEN you want to get married is this: what time of year will make you happiest?


That is the best advice we can give.


Have more questions or need help picking between seasons? Let us know! That is what our team is here for!


We are also happy to share our yearly availability with you!

We cannot wait to help you THROUGHOUT the year!


Until then, 

Cheers to you and Cheers to love,

The MM Team



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