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Pre-Wedding Activities for Groomsmen in The Texas Hill Country

Tips and Advice

Nails, hair, and makeup, this is usually what takes up every hour up to the start of the ceremony for the bride and her bridesmaids. She’s lucky if she can even have time to eat for lunch! So while the ladies are busy getting glamorous, the men are left sitting around with hours to kill. They may think that there’s nothing to do out in the Hill Country, but in fact there are plenty of activities! Here are just a few of what’s to do out here in the Texas Hill Country!

1. Paintball

Guys enjoy paintball as much as ladies enjoy a fresh manicure! What’s even better is that it’s located right here in Dripping Springs! This is definitely a way to kill some time, just make sure the groom doesn’t get too bruised up before the ceremony!

2. ziplining

Zipline over the scenic canyons and creeks of Wimberley, Texas! Ziplining is so fun even the bride will be jealous the groomsmen were able to go without her! 

3. Milton Reimers ranch Park

Located here in Dripping Springs is the beautiful Milton Reimers Ranch! If your groomsmen are the adventurous type then this is exactly where they should go! Activities here include rock climbing, mountain biking, swimming, fishing, and hiking so they’re sure to have a blast!

4. golf

If golfing is more their thing then the Hill Country has that too! This gorgeous 18-hole golf course is located in Wimberely, Texas and is surrounded by beautiful rolling vistas and wildlife!

5. flyboard

For a super fun water adventure the guys should try flyboarding! It just takes a short drive to Lakeway to experience a couple of hours of exhilarating fun! Be sure to remind the guys to take sunscreen or they’ll all come back sunburned, what a groomsmen photo that’ll make!

So while the Texas Hill Country looks like it’s just endless landscape, there actually are fun things to do! With these five activities your groomsmen are sure to have a blast while killing time before the ceremony!


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