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New Year’s Eve Wedding: Yay or Nay?

Tips and Advice

Photo Credit: Amanda Lenhardt

Photo Credit: Amanda Lenhardt

Holidays can be controversial dates for weddings; guests will either love the idea or check the “Regrets” box on their invitation. New Year’s Eve weddings are no different, however; there are many reasons to choose a NYE wedding bash.

Hosting a New Year’s Eve wedding gives you and your guests a reason to party until at least midnight. Projecting a live feed of the ball dropping in NYC is a fun way to incorporate the holiday into your wedding reception. Passing out hats and New Year’s glasses creates fun photo ops that will complete the evening for festivities.

Selecting a color scheme can be difficult, but one is already created for you if you choose for a New Year’s celebration. Black, gold, and silver is often the color palette associated with the start of the New Year. Brides can choose to accent these festive colors with neutral flowers and greenery. Add gold sequined table runners or have your bridesmaids wear silver shimmering bridesmaid dresses to add some sparkly drama to your wedding.

Photo Credit: Amanda Lenhardt

Photo Credit: Amanda Lenhardt

There will be a guarantee of endless lights and bubbles. Twinkling strands of lights at the ceremony, a candlelit reception, and a sparkler sendoff are creative ways to illuminate your wedding night for a New Year’s theme. Champagne is a must to ring in the New Year and to celebrate the new Mr. and Mrs. Two reasons to celebrate, why not pop a few bottles?

Your NYE wedding will be an anniversary no one will be able to forget, not even your husband. Not to mention the epic party you threw to celebrate. If guests already made plans for the holiday evening, they may decline your invite but rest assured, close family and your devoted friends will participate in your wedding day.

Photo Credit: Amanda Lenhardt

Photo Credit: Amanda Lenhardt

Chances are your guests will already have the following day off work, meaning they will have no need to schedule an extra day off from work unless the wedding location is out of town. A bonus for your guests if New Year’s Eve falls on a weekend.

The only drawback in choosing a holiday for your wedding day is a possible increase in costs. Depending on which vendors you decide to work with for your wedding, they may have a policy that they charge extra for New Year’s Eve, as it is a holiday. 

Would you choose a New Year’s wedding? Have you ever attended a NYE wedding? If so, what did you think? Would you go to another holiday wedding again or decide not to? 


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