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Modernizing Weddings through Technology


Photo Credit: Jenna McElroy Photography 

Photo Credit: Jenna McElroy Photography 

In today’s modernized world, technology is intertwining with all different types of business including the wedding industry.  To keep up to date, brides may want to look into incorporating some of these high-tech devices into their wedding day.

Instagram, the picture-sharing app, is a simple way to collect photos all in one place. Creating a wedding day hashtag is not a new concept, but it is widely used to view wedding photos taken by guests. At no cost, hashtags can be a fun way to see your wedding day from the viewpoint of your friends and family attending your wedding through all social media channels.

If the bride and groom request their attendees to hashtag the wedding, turn cocktail tables into charging stations to help guests stay fully charged to snap, share, and tweet away. To assist with those tricky selfies, offer a few selfie sticks at each reception table or create a selfie station next to the escort table so all guests can grab a stick and go. Setting out selfie sticks can be a fun way to document your wedding.

Photo Credit: Geoff Duncan 

Photo Credit: Geoff Duncan 

Drones may be considered a kid’s toy but these flying aircrafts can be a great use to your videographer and photographer. Controlled remotely, drones are being adopted into wedding videography with growing popularity. With the drones flying overhead, these machines can capture never-before-seen shots of the venue, the wedding ceremony, and even a bird’s eye view of the reception. When interviewing videographers, as well as photographers, ask if they use the new drone technology in their shoots.

Many fitness buffs know the innovative technology of Fitbit. You can place your Fitbit, or other heart rate recording technology, on your wrist before you walk down the aisle to record the exact moment your heart jumped as you married your husband to be. After the wedding, you take your heart rate from your ceremony and print it to take to an artist to create your heartbeat timeline of your wedding day. Tracking your heart rate could create a beautiful piece of art to commemorate your wedding in a unique way.

Taking video has progressed rapidly with GoPro technology. The tiny camera can fit just about anywhere and is waterproof. The action camera makes a perfect must try in the wedding industry. Brides can ask their florist to leave a space for the camera in their bridal bouquet. The camera can be turned on right before the walk down the aisle. The GoPro can capture every moment from your vantage point as the bride. You can see your wedding up close from your vows to the traditional bouquet toss. If you enjoy the GoPro idea, install an additional GoPro camera in a secret location to your reception venue. With this hidden camera, you can catch candid moments that you can include in your wedding video.

Ma Maison is a technology friendly venue with perfect photo opts for your wedding day hashtagged photos. Placed on 23 acres of rolling hills in the Texas Hill Country, Ma Maison has three lovely outdoor ceremony sites with a covered trellis and soaring bell tower, perfect for drone videography on your wedding day. Call to schedule a visit with us to view our location that you will surely want to Instagram!  


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