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How to Make Sure Your Wedding Is Anything But Ordinary


Weddings are among the happiest events in people’s lives – and it is perfectly understandable why so many couples want their Big Day to be perfect from all points of view. Moreover, it is also more than understandable why so many couples want their guests to feel just as amazing as they feel.

Choosing the perfect wedding favors is very important if you want your guests to see how much you mean to them. What are some of the most incredible wedding reception favors to “steal” inspiration from? Read on and find out more.

·         Homemade jam. Indulge your guests with a mini-jar of your favorite homemade jam and they will absolutely love it. To add a bit of style to your wedding favors, make sure you package them nicely (even a custom label with a cute message on it can go a long way).

·         Cookies. Who doesn’t love cookies? Instead of offering your guests refrigerator magnets they will most likely not really want to take home with them, bring them a selection of the most delicious homemade cookies. Same as with the jam, package them nicely and don’t forget to add a cute message (such as “How Sweet is Our Love”).

·         Mini-bottles of champagne. If you want your wedding favor to be really fancy, go for mini-bottles of champagne. Personalize them with special labels to add a special touch to your gift and your guests will love them.

·         Hangover kits. Planning to have the party of the century? Get your guests ready by offering them a wedding favour that’s full of humor and uniqueness: a hangover kit. Include sunglasses, water and an Advil to make sure they feel fresh the next morning.

·         Personalized spoons. Again, if you want your wedding favors to be both appreciated and really classy, offering guests personalized spoons will be a great idea. Add a cute message (such as “Feeding You with a Spoonful of Love”) and your guests will be more than excited with your idea.

Ma Maison is one of the most exquisite and elegant wedding venues in Texas – so if you plan on having your wedding here, do not forget to take us into consideration. Come see us with your own eyes, book us and your wedding will be absolutely fabulous! 


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