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For the Groom: 5 Manly Groomsmen Gift Ideas They’ll Love

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Your best men have been with you all throughout your life, and most importantly, on your wedding day. Show them your appreciation for sticking around up to the most significant point of your life. Here are five manly groomsmen gift ideas they’ll surely love: 

1. Mug on a Mug:Talk about giving a unique, humorous, and personalized gift to your best fellow! Get your groomsmen’s caricature face hand-painted on the mug with their names or your wedding date placed right below. The drawing is free-handed and made exceptionally in every order. Surely, your groomsmen will appreciate the extra mile that goes into creating this handsome gift. This keepsake can certainly fill your groomsmen with bounties of laughter as they watch their faces plastered on the mug while quaffing their beers.  

2. Tongue and Groovy Organizer: Sometimes, a gift can be all about convenience and usability. This simple gift may just be right for your groomsman who always seems to put his things in disarray. Maybe all they need to organize their stuff is this cool rack that can hold his daily essentials – wallet, watch, phone, keys, and many others.  Its design is made of wood, and it has slots specifically made for several items. The Tongue and Groovy Organizer has a whole lot of features that will keep everything in its place.

3. Flask in a Casket: Nothing makes a gift even manlier than a combination of wood and steel, and this flask enclosed in a wooden box hits just the right spot. It’s a gorgeous groomsmen gift that they will certainly enjoy carrying around, and they could put 7 ounces of fluid in it. Just like in movies, men with class and sophistication feel so manly and mysterious as they take a sip of their wine in a flask looking just as elegant as this. You can customize the texts written on the bottle per your liking, as well as the wooden box. 

4. Old School Pub Sign: If part of your history with your groomsmen is hanging out in a pub, then they’ll like this personalized groomsman gift. You can have this pub sign customized with whatever your fella’s interested in – it could be football, baseball, billiard, or golf. Plus, you can place their name at the top, screaming there with all its masculine glory. Its classic old wood design is manly and cool, and they would certainly love hanging this sign on the wall of their homes.  

5. Barber in a Box: Make your buddy feel and look great wherever he goes with this newest addition to his essentials! This one is also enclosed in a handsome, customized box and contains a sharpening stone, unique barber style razor, comb, and scissors. These items are made in high quality. You can have these pieces engraved, too, except for the scissors and sharpening stone. It’s easy to carry all around, and its design looks classy to make them feel even manlier.  

For more manly gifts for your groomsmen check out Groovy Groomsmen Gifts right here


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