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Floral FAQ’s with Bouquets of Austin

Ask the Expert

Photo Credit: Jessica Scott Photography Photo Credit: Jessica Scott Photography

A florist is another vendor you may need to check off your list of wedding to-dos. Stephanie from Bouquets of Austin gave us the low down on blossoming blooms for weddings and how she and the Bouquets of Austin team can help make your wedding a floral fairytale.


What should a bride bring to a consultation with her florist?

Anything the helps define their inspiration- Pinterest boards, color swatches, fabric selections, rental selections (linen, furniture)  and of course some type of budget expectation.


When should a bride make an appointment to discuss their wedding flowers?

6-9 months out, be ready to book, make a commitment at least 6 months out.


Are there any bad dates for wedding flowers?

Not any “bad” dates, but should remember to plan for price increases around major floral holidays- Valentine ’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, etc…


Do you charge for your wedding consultations?



Who should a bride bring to the consultation?

Whoever they are comfortable discussing the nitty gritty details, budgets with…Moms, dads, grooms, trusted friends…


What should a bride expect at their wedding flower consultation?

In-depth conversation about their floral needs/wants, education on flower availability/pricing and overall design strategy, with a budget presented at the end.


Is the initial proposal final?



If a bride has no idea what a reasonable budget is for wedding flowers, what do you suggest?

We suggest $30-$50 per guest in our average ranges, with $50- $150 in the luxury design ranges.

Photo Credit: LewChan Photography Photo Credit: LewChan Photography


Do you offer wedding packages?



Do you have a minimum to book a wedding?



When is a final payment due?

 18 days prior to the event.


Do you have a delivery charge?

Yes, delivery, setup and pickup fees.


Do you rent vases?



Can a bride supply her own vases?



If a bride wants to save money on wedding flowers, do you sell flowers in bulk for the DIY bride?



What is your most memorable wedding and why?

Usually, the last one designed

Photo Credit: Mint Photography  Photo Credit: Mint Photography


What fun elements have you added into wedding flowers or bridal bouquets?

Everything from poker chips, superhero figurines to more traditional additions, lace from mom/grandmother dresses, broaches or pins.


How many other weddings or events will you schedule on the same day?

Depends on size and number of events.


What recommendations can you give a bride to maximize her budget?

Be flexible and listen to ideas presented…


Is there a difference in price if a bride uses one type of flower vs. a mixed arrangement or bouquet?



How far in advance of the wedding will you create the bouquets and arrangements, and how are they stored?

2-3 days in advance the designing begins, stored in custom walk-in refrigeration.

Is there an extra fee if you need to stay throughout the ceremony to move arrangements to the reception site?



Florist’s Note: a common piece of advice to brides is to purchase seasonal flowers for best pricing. This is not always true, seasonal flowers will provide you with the highest quality of that bloom during its natural season, but supply and demand can definitely make an impact on the price. If everyone is wanting the in-season burgundy dahlia, and supply becomes limited, it will be reflected in the price.


Designing and creating amazing wedding flowers for Texas brides is Bouquets of Austin specialty. Creating elegant traditional pieces to bohemian outdoor garden arrangements is a task Stephanie and her coworkers can produce that are picture perfect worthy. Looking for additional detailed information? Check out Bouquets of Austin on their website and fill out their form to learn more about what they can do for you. 




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